Why Tom Brady’s new Adele-themed football ad is rocking the internet

The latest ad featuring Brady is a montage of the former Patriots player sporting his old uniform, looking dramatically to the side as shots of the team’s championship banners are displayed. Suddenly, Brady appears in his new jersey – as the number 12 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We then see several shots of Brady on his new squad, cut from clips of Patriots fans and close-ups of Belichick with a grim expression. To top it off, Adele’s melancholy hit “Hello” plays across the entire commercial, making the whole thing even more dramatic.

The ad serves as a hilarious introduction to the upcoming game, which will see the Patriots face the Buccaneers for the first time since Brady switched sides. While some fans are still bowled over by the move and are understandably embittered by the TV spot, others love the ad, like one Twitter user named @CornellGunter who wrote: “I just saw [a] Tom Brady vs Patriots commercial with Adele “Hello” on it. I always wipe away my tears. “User @ jadl17 reflected those sentiments, writing, “It’s so cheesy, but when her jersey changes it’s like a dagger in the guts, I love this promo so much.”

You will be able to see the two teams face off on Sunday October 3.

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