Watch: A cow sliding down a snowy mountain entertains the internet

A cow that coldly slid down a snowy hillside instead of bothering to plod down has caught the internet’s attention.

The 9-second music video was uploaded by a Twitter user named Buitengebieden with the caption “Cow sliding down a hill…”.

The video has so far garnered up to 2.3 million views and over 101.7,000 likes.

Twitterati showered the video with praise and witty comments.

A Twitter user shared a video of cows running and jumping with the caption: “Well this is a better and faster way to reduce buttocks!”

Another user said, “And that’s why Swizz milk chocolate tastes so good. The cows have their own winter theme park.”

The following Twitter user said, “That’s how milkshakes are made for kids.”

One user expressed his doubts and said, “I thought it was two guys in cow suits..”

One user shared a similar experience and said, “My dog ​​used to get his butt scratched.”

Another user said, “Brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘cowslip!'”

Another Twitter user replied and shared a similar video of a baby elephant with the caption, “That’s awesome! Here’s a baby elephant doing the same thing.”

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