Viral video: German woman plants onions with her Indian mother-in-law; internet reacts

There is something about cross-cultural ties that makes them extremely beautiful. Whether it’s for work, friendship or marriage, it’s always inspiring to see someone go the extra mile to embrace a new culture. In a recent video that made the rounds of the Internet, a German woman can be seen planting onions on an Indian farm. She is married to an Indian and helps her mother-in-law to sow onions in the field. Netizens couldn’t help but admire the woman for her simplicity and dedication to adapting to a new culture.

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @namastejuli, a woman in a pink suit can be seen sitting in a field and planting onions. She replies to the man capturing the video that she is from Germany and is helping to sow onions in the field with her mother-in-law. “Mummy ji ka reaction sabse acha tha (mother-in-law’s reaction was the best) but seriously, I enjoy the simple family life very much! I’ve already been living for 1 month in my husband’s village and I’m so happy to live with my family and so close to nature.” read the message caption. Take a look at the video here:

Since the video was uploaded, it has garnered over 26.6 million views, 2 million likes and thousands of comments. Many people admired the woman for her simplicity and willingness to adapt to Indian culture. Take a look at some of the reactions:

“I really admire your dedication and simplicity. Your commitment to Indian culture. God bless Arjun and Julie.”

“It’s great to connect to the roots.”

“Very humble of you.”

“Blend pretty well.”

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