Video of a black leopard under a bright spotlight at night has the internet furious

The location where the video was shot is not yet known.

A video showing a black leopard chasing a deer in the wild under a bright spotlight has surfaced online. The clip was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda, with the caption: “A perfect capture. By both leopard and videographer.”

In the clip, the black leopard was seen with its jaws locked on the neck of the deer carcass. However, seconds later, startled by the bright light and sound made by the photographers, the big cat was seen leaving its prey on the ground and running away. In the caption, Mr Nanada said the video was a “perfect capture”, but he also questioned the right to film the animals at night also under a full glare spotlight.

“But who gave the right to capture these rare moments of nature in full brilliance of the spot?” the IFS officer added in the post.

Watch the video below:

Mr Nanda shared the video on Saturday, and it has since garnered over 31,000 views and over 1,200 likes. In the comments section, netizens also pointed out the same issue, with one even calling the video “disturbing”.

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“Let the wilderness stay wild and not under the camera. Stop allowing any photographer at night,” one user wrote. “It’s disturbing because the leopard can leave its prey and remain hungry for fear of light. Leave the wild and not under the camera. Stop allowing any photographer at night,” added another .

A third commented: ‘We are grossly interfering with nature’, while a fourth added: ‘Quite rightly we are so selfish that we record all activity as if we have the right to do so’.

The location where the video was shot is not yet known.

Meanwhile, speaking of leopards, earlier this week a family in Satara, Maharashtra were shocked after they found a leopard in their home. The animal had snuck into Koyanagar’s house while the family was away for an immersion in the Durga idol.

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When the family entered the house, the leopard was sitting in the doorway of a room. The family ran out and locked the entrance, locking the leopard in. Forest Department teams were notified and the animal was subsequently captured.

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