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In accordance with West Virginia University Board of Governors Governance Rule 1.4 – Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, and External Consultation, certain University officials are required to submit an annual Institutional Conflict of Interest Statement each year before July 31 on significant financial interests that they or their family members hold.

“University officials” are defined in the rule as meaning:

  • Members of the university council
  • President
  • campus presidents
  • Vice-presidents
  • Vice-rectors
  • deans
  • Associate and Deputy Vice Presidents and Provosts
  • Assistant and Associate Deans
  • General Counsel
  • Internal Audit Director
  • All Technology Transfer Office employees

If you have not already done so, be sure to submit your Institutional Conflict of Interest Statement by the July 31 deadline.

BOG Governance Rule 1.4 – Ethics, Conflicts of Interest and External Consultation provides guidance on real and perceived conflicts of interest – both generally and in the context of research activities. The rule also offers guidance on the solicitation and acceptance of gifts by WVU faculty and staff and defines when entering into consulting agreements with third parties outside of a faculty or staff’s employment is permissible. a staff member at the University.

Here are some helpful disclosure tips:

  • Shares in mutual funds and retirement accounts are not included in this requirement.
  • Only titles that are or reasonably appear to be related to your institutional responsibilities, based on your role/title, should be disclosed.
  • If the business decisions you make in your role at WVU (for example, institutional processes, research, business transactions, or other activities at the University) could potentially be, or appear to be, biased by your shareholding, your board membership or other outside business activities, it must be disclosed.
  • An attachment can be added at the end of the disclosure if you have a list or spreadsheet that you prefer to attach with additional information.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure that WVU maintains the highest ethical standards in all University operations.

Visit the website for more information on the BOG 1.4 governance rule. The site includes a general FAQ, all related approval and disclosure forms, and an outpatient dos and don’ts document.

If you have any questions, contact Joy Edwards, Director, Conflicts of Interest, in the Office of Conflicts of Interest, at [email protected] or 304-293-5475.

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