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If you want people to see and visit your website, it needs to be hosted on the internet and a web host will do it for you. Since your job is to get your website live, choosing a good website host is extremely important.

We asked the people of Chicago digital marketing agency to tell us what we need to consider when choosing the web host. There are two main things you need to decide:

  • Shared hosting vs virtual private server hosting

Your host will reserve a server for you on which your website will live. But you have to decide which server you want your website to be on: a shared server or a virtual private server?

Here is the difference between these two:

  • In the shared hosting environment, your website lives with all other websites and also shares its resources with them. These resources include disk space, processor, and RAM. If you are just starting out, we recommend that you go for this one because it is more affordable, and since your website won’t get too much traffic at the start, you won’t waste any resources.
  • On the other hand, virtual private server hosting allows your website to live in an isolated environment within the server. That way, you get your own RAM, processing power, and disk space that other sites on that server can’t use. If you want your website to be bigger and get a lot of traffic, you should go for VPS (Virtual Private Server). As it gives you more power, it also costs more.
  • SSL security versus no security
  • This choice leaves no room for debate; yes, you should have the SSL certificate for your website. It ensures that no hacker can steal website data (including that of your customers). It does this by encrypting the data that flows between your customers and your website.

This is especially important if your visitors at some point need to enter their emails, home addresses, or credit card numbers. If you get the certificate, your domain will start with HTTPS: //, as we mentioned earlier. It also places this green lock on your visitors’ browsers, and when they see it, they’ll know your site is secure.

In addition, it will show Google that your site is trustworthy; therefore, Google will rank it higher on the search engine. And you know how important this is for SEO. When it comes to SSL certificate types, there are two:

  • SSL, with which you can only secure one site, and
  • Wildcard SSL, which secures multiple websites.

Understanding how web hosts work is not that difficult, but there are several factors to consider when choosing which one will host your website. Don’t worry if you think you can’t decide for yourself; digital marketing experts support you. But yet, if you have enough knowledge to decide on the things mentioned, we wish you good luck!


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