Twitter founder Jack Dorsey regrets ‘damaging’ the internet

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey expressed “regret” on Saturday and admitted that the creation of his Big Tech platform may have come at the expense of online services. Specifically, he expressed remorse for playing a part in what he described as the “centralization of discovery and identity in enterprises.”

“[T]he days of usenet, irc, the web… even email (with PGP)… were amazing. the centralization of discovery and identity in enterprises has really damaged the internet. I realize that I am partly responsible and I regret it,” Dorsey tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

Hours later, Dorsey went on to say that Twitter’s structure might have been wrong from the start. The former Twitter CEO suggested prioritizing protocol over interface and mentioned how marketing was allowed to dominate the social media platform. “Maybe a greater focus on protocol first and then interface would have helped. I agree that there were fewer technology options to make money from. to the dominance of advertising,” Dorsey wrote.

“[J]ack – it takes a big man to admit it. how about giving back to help the web open. he could really use some help,” wrote software developer David Winer.

To which, Dorsey simply replied: “[W]work on it.”

During a congressional hearing on disinformation and social media, Dorsey admitted that Twitter made a “total mistake” in removing the New York PostThe story of the bombshell on Hunter Biden’s laptop as the 2020 presidential election nears.

Dorsey’s comments come at a time when social media in the national discourse is coming under increasing scrutiny. Cases of disinformation in the Ukrainian conflict, privacy issuestries to start new platforms, and a sour relationship with Washington officials have put Big Tech social media under fire.

Many prominent Twitter users have flocked to GETTR amid intensified censorship efforts. Podcast icon Joe Rogan has led a massive migration to the Twitter alternative. Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, also a GETTR user, walked out after refusing to delete a tweet supporting Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and the satirical site The bee of Babylon for calling Deputy Health Secretary Rachel Levine a man.

Figures such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump have said that these media do not sufficiently meet the needs of the American public. Musk hinted that he might try to set up an alternative to Twitter.

“Team up with @elonmusk, buy Twitter and take it back privately,” Daily human events host Jack Posobiec told Dorsey, urging the move on Saturday.

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