The Real World: New Orleans – Where Are They Now?

After 22 years, The Real World New Orleans housemates reunite in The Real World Homecoming, but what did they do after NOLA?

The real world is back for another season of The Real World: Homecoming, broadcast on Paramount+. Unlike other seasons of the spin-off, the original seven housemates return to New Orleans to discuss what happened after the show. Several of the cast members have interacted on MTV The challenge, which caused a lot of tension in the house for several of the roommates due to unresolved issues.

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But what happened to the cast between their appearances on The challenge and The real world? Some of the housemates have moved on to have lives out of the public eye with successful careers, married life, and children, while others have remained in the spotlight and continue to thrive in the television world.


Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray on The Challenge

As part of one of the best seasons of The real world, Jamie Murray was the confident rich kid from Chicago who also happened to be kind and caring. While he was more laid back than the rest of his castmates, Jamie connected with everyone thanks to his cold personality.

Jamie was more focused on his business ventures and his friends back home than the housemates and the show itself, with the exception of Melissa. After being in the house, Jamie took part in several seasons of The challenge. Jamie has kept a low profile since leaving the show but joining the Back home meeting.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith of The Real World New Orleans Now

During his time on the show, Matt Smith attended Georgia Tech majoring in web design. He was known for his spiky hair, which never seemed to move, and his devotion to his Catholic faith. He had a crazy sense of fashion, mostly from thrift stores, and he was one of the few members of the house who didn’t drink.

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Since leaving the show, Smith has been married and has six children. According to his websitehe earned his master’s degree in commerce from Arizona State University and runs his own digital design agency, smithHOUSE.

Melissa Beck née Howard

Melissa Beck, née Howard, entered the house as a party girl who constantly wanted attention. Her over-the-top emotions and antics rubbed her other housemates the wrong way and caused a lot of tension between her and David Broom, even though the two started out as friends.

Beck then participated in The challenge: the battle of the sexes and continued to work in television on the show The girls behave badly. After 22 years, Melissa reunites with the rest of her New Orleans roommates to Homecoming to the real world: New Orleans.

Danny Robert

Danny Roberts teased his roommates with a big secret when he walked into the house, much to his housemates’ chagrin. Roberts would later be revealed to be the only gay member of the house. He’s often sparked conversations about what it means to be gay, even at the tiniest level. Roberts has continued to work as an LGBTQ+ advocate and has a daughter.

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Since appearing on the show, Roberts revealed that he is HIV positive and that he continues to advocate for others living with HIV and AIDS.

Kelley Wolf née Limp

Kelley Limp (now Wolf) was the blonde beauty who entered the Real world home with a confident and secure attitude. She was one of the most traveled members of the house and was always ready to move on to the next adventure.

Limp got the opportunity to work on public access television on the show, and it paid off for his future career. Unlike his other housemates, Kelley did not participate in The challenge but remained in the world of television and worked in marketing. She is also author and wife of Scott Wolf of the TV show, party of five.

Julie “Juliet” Stoffer née Rogers

Cropped image of Julie and Melissa on The Real World New Orleans

Julie had no problem following the rules of The real world home, given the strict requirements set by his BYU college and how it would affect his college career. Julie was instantly attracted to Matt and the feeling was mutual, and his Mormonism was a hot topic of conversation in the house. She struggled with her sense of self and whether she wanted to continue on the path her parents set for her.

After leaving the show, Stoffer competed on The challenge where she was a villain to her roommate Melissa. She is now a mother and a wife and she will come back The Real World: Homecoming.

Broom David “Tokyo”

David Broom in The Real World Homecoming Confessional

David Broom was open with his housemates about his weight loss journey and his desire to show off his body as much as possible. He had an instant connection with Melissa, but the two fought around the house over Melissa’s need for attention and partying.

Broom also spoke openly about how his previous relationship changed him as a person and how he felt about love and dating. David is now a singer who dresses like a chef and sings naughty songs in his Internet series, “Showtime Chef”.

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