The internet reacts to its first real look at Starfield

Depending on where you were hanging out online this morning, it’s safe to say reactions to Bethesda’s extended trailer star field were decidedly mixed. Let’s take a quick tour of social media pitfalls to see what the internet thinks.

Of the media professionals seeing the trailer for the first time (Xbox has not, to my knowledge, informed any Australian outlets of the contents of its showcase in advance), most seemed quite happy with what they got seen.

Overall, the vibe was complimentary – you don’t get your first glimpse of a new Bethesda RPG every day – with plenty of takes on director Todd Howard’s demonstration of its sizable universe.

Others were less easily convinced.

The comparisons with No Man’s Sky flew all morning. When you put them side by side, the similarities are pronounced. However star field will be a more curated experience than the proc-gen heavy No Man’s Skythe two games have many things in common.

There’s also an argument to be made about creating an RPG on this scale. How can all of the thousands of worlds in the game have interesting and fleshed out characters and stories? When does Bethesda draw the line and start picking areas to flesh out the experience? The argument below comes from American Kotaku editor Patricia Hernandez, and her whole thread is worth reading. Point of view, friends. You don’t have to agree, we just offer perspective.

There was also a significant portion of the public who flatly refused to trust Todd Howard.

Others are still hanging around The Elder Scrolls VIwhatever form it may take.

On Reddit, people were more interested in digging into the details of the trailer in detail than offering general opinions.

Some immediately noticed nods to older games.

Others scrutinize the screens and video of the game’s solar system maps for more details on words and galaxies.

Still others lean into character designer previews in an attempt to guess what new systems or stats, if any, are driving the RPG’s gameplay.

Obviously, it is still much too early to make a final judgment on star field when all we have to do is a single 15 minute trailer. What we’ve seen today is just our first look at the game, and there’s plenty more to come. The game has been delayed to an unspecified date in 2023, but even that may not be concrete.

What did you think of the star field trailer? To like? The hate? Completely crazy? Wishing a thousand curses on Todd Howard cause you just wanna Elder Scrolls VI? Have your say in the comments below.

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