TECHNIKARI: This local entrepreneur wants you to make money selling domains and web hosting

In this episode of Technikari, I was joined by Privilege Nyauta, the founder and CEO of a local web hosting service called PnrHost which has a subsidiary called Resellme, a platform that allows anyone to sell domains and from web hosting to businesses and individuals.

The latter is the most interesting product, in my opinion, because it corresponds to the digital migration that we have experienced during the last two years of the pandemic. Everyone wants to go online and create a store or a virtual presence for their business.

According to Privilege, Resellme already has more than 1,000 agents selling domains to their customers. So, to find out more, we went over the pros and cons of the platform, how someone can get on board as well as what to expect in the future.

You can listen or download this episode of Technikari with Privilege by Resellme with the player below

Local start now allows you to register a domain on WhatsApp

Local startup creates a platform that allows anyone to start a domain registry and web hosting business

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