T-Mobile makes 5G home internet $ 10 cheaper

T-Mobile has announced that it is slashing the price of its 5G-powered home internet service by $ 10, bringing it down to the $ 50 price it charged during its pilot program. That $ 50 per month allows you to access the internet with no data caps, at speeds T-Mobile estimates to be between 35 and 115 Mbps, and a router capable of turning 5G and LTE to Wi-Fi (which you will have to return if you ever cancel the plan without a contract).

T-Mobile is adamant that your bill will not exceed $ 50 – in its press release, it says there are no installation fees, activation fees, or equipment rentals . He seems to see this as some sort of excuse for all the fees charged by traditional ISPs like Xfinity and Charter. That’s pretty self-congratulating, but it’s hard to argue that the service seems like a bad deal: I personally pay $ 80 a month for Comcast, and I often find myself rubbing under its data cap (although I was not buried with charges like T -Mobile implies I should have). If you are interested, you can verify that your address is eligible for the service.

Of course, there are still a few asterisks. That $ 50 price is with auto-billing turned on – if you leave it turned off, you’ll pay $ 55 per month instead. Plus, you still pay taxes and fees, they’re just built into the price (T-Mobile’s estimates that they’re 3-12% of your bill can be found in the fine print). The company also warns that your service could be slowed down during times of heavy congestion, although some of its executives have said The edge it’s unlikely”. And, while there is no setup fee, that means you have to do it yourself. The company estimates that it will only take 15 minutes. If you’re seriously considering service after the price drop, it’s worth reading our article explaining some of the potential downsides.

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