SpaceX unveils Starlink internet services for private jets

SpaceX on Wednesday unveiled Starlink Aviation, a satellite internet service that will offer in-flight Wi-Fi on private jets.

Starlink, a company founded by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, aims to sell internet connections to almost anyone on the planet through a growing network of private satellites orbiting overhead. The new service plans to charge customers $150,000 for the hardware needed to connect a jet to Starlink, with monthly subscriptions costing between $12,500 per month and $25,000 per month for unlimited data.

The internet terminals, which Starlink Aviation expects to begin delivering in mid-2023, can offer download speeds of up to 350 Mbps, “allowing all passengers to access streaming-enabled internet at the same time.” , the company said on its website.

“Passengers may engage in previously non-functional in-flight activities, including video calls, online games, virtual private networks and other high data rate activities,” the company said.

Starlink is a collection of approximately 2,000 satellites in low earth orbit designed to deliver fast Wi-Fi around the world. Earlier this year, he signed a deal to offer free Wi-Fi to Hawaiian Airlines passengers on flights across the Pacific, including to the continental United States, Asia and Australia. Carrier JSX had already signed up to use Starlink.

SpaceX also offers a Starlink for Motorhomes satellite internet service, which caters to people who travel frequently in RVs, RVs and other large vehicles. The service costs $135 per month, $25 more than Starlink’s residential service, with a one-time $599 equipment fee.

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