SDG hires ML Consulting for $34,000 to review non-union compensation

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The SDG board passed a proposed CAO action request at Monday’s meeting, engaging ML Consulting to conduct a non-union compensation review, at a cost of $34,200, plus tax.

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This point sparked a discussion about expanding the scope of the review.

“Are these consultants looking at other variables?” asked the adviser. Kirsten Gardner. “Like, the compressed work week for the non-union… knowing how the workforce is going, and just general jobs, careers and staff retention if you will, there are other things that are crucial for retention and equity which are not always financially connected.

CEO CAO Tim Simpson said the consultancy will only look at compensation.

“Coincidentally… myself, the Director of Corporate Services, and the Payroll and Benefits Coordinator, are working on a review of our personnel policies, which include many of the items you just mentioned. .. you’re absolutely right, market conditions have changed … certainly since the pandemic, they’ve changed incredibly,” Simpson said.

“We want to make sure we’re as competitive as possible to attract and retain the employees we need to do the job.”

Com. Jim Wert asked about the comparison of compensation in the public sector to the private sector, which was picked up by Coun. Stephanie Jaworski, who said South Glengarry had recently hired in the private sector.

“It could be useful for municipalities to have this information… if they want to start recruiting outside (the public sector),” Jaworski said, adding that it would be beneficial for SDG to provide something for each of its six. lower tiers, so they all have the same data and funds don’t have to be spent internally.

Simpson said the job he was hired for specifically compares pay to state and municipal employees.

“The factors that can weigh in there, (like) working conditions and things like that, are dissimilar enough to skew the data somewhat,” he argued.

“…I’ve found over the years that it’s always better to have an outside expert, an outside pair of eyes, looking at this and looking at it dispassionately. If we were to expand it in the future with the local (lower levels), we should have these discussions about what it’s going to look like, who’s going to do it…” Simpson said.

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