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CHENNAI: According to data published in the Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE +) 2019-2020 report published by the Union government, less than 18% of public schools in Tamil Nadu have an internet connection.

Even though 79.12 percent of public schools have working computers, only 17.95 percent have Internet facilities, the data showed. Internet access in unassisted private schools, however, is four times higher, as more than 75 percent of schools have Internet facilities; and nearly 90 percent of private schools have working computers.

Data is growing in importance in the wake of the lockdown, which made digital education the main hub for interactive learning. At the start of the lockdown in 2020, the Tamil Nadu government’s plan to broadcast 12-class video lessons to schools backfired as most schools were unable to download data to their computers.

District education directors from the school education department then transferred the data to school principals, who then relayed the lessons to the students by copying them to the free laptops provided by the government.

The situation in government-subsidized schools is also bad. Less than 30 percent of the schools assisted have Internet access. The percentage of assisted schools that have a working computer is lower than in public and private schools. Less than 46 percent of the schools assisted have working computers. Assisted schools are often small schools or rural schools that cater to families who can only afford a small fee.

Drastically different from pvt schools
While 79.12 percent of public schools have working computers and 17.95 percent have Internet, nearly 90 percent of private schools have working computers and more than 75 percent have Internet facilities, according to the report. UDISE + 2019-2020, which was published by the Union. government

Only 1 in 5 government schools can host online courses
While a large portion of the population does not have access to good internet connectivity, teachers in only one in five public schools can teach online from school even if they wish. Poor internet facilities have deprived students of education since the pandemic began last year

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