Pope Francis asks financial consultants to put people before business

The first was to be aware of the power they hold and how they can encourage the entrepreneurs, bankers, managers and public administrators they advise to make decisions that will have a positive impact and promote development. integral human.

The pope’s second suggestion was that financial professionals assume their responsibility by guaranteeing adequate professional, anthropological and ethical standards “compatible with an evangelical vision of the economy and of society; in other words, with Catholic social doctrine.

To do this, he said, requires assessing both the direct and indirect effect of decisions and considering the impact of a decision on communities, people and the environment before its impact on businesses.

Francis also encouraged Deloitte Global to strengthen diversity, saying that “entrepreneurial biodiversity” is “a guarantee of freedom of enterprise and freedom of choice for customers, consumers, savers and investors” and “an indispensable condition stability, balance and human prosperity”. ”

The pope drew attention to deteriorating environmental conditions and the undignified living conditions of many people who lack access to nutrition, health care and education.

“While our human family is globalized and interconnected, poverty, injustice and inequality remain,” he said, pointing out that consultants and managers are in a position, if not to reverse the situation, at least to help fix it.

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