Orchestra LEO Satellite Internet aims to penetrate the US market; Elon Musk known for Starlink, reacts

“Orchestra” is a UK company that has filed an application with the FCC for its constellation of low Earth orbit Internet satellites that aims to enter the US market. Starlink, which is known for the same company, makes its CEO Elon Musk react to memes presented about the company, especially since it adds competition to the company.

Orchestra UK: aims to penetrate the US market with Internet satellites

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According to Michael sheetz, a new company aims to launch its LEO satellite internet services in the country, although it already has up to three major players in the market. This new company originates from the United Kingdom, especially Great Britain, bearing the name Orchestra.

The company has submitted its initial case to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), one of the regulatory bodies involved in this company. No word from the FCC yet regarding the company’s approval for the country, especially since it would analyze its service as well as its satellite if it interferes with those used by NASA and others. space agencies.

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Starlink CEO Responds to Meme About New Service

A meme was answered to said deposit by Orchestra above, and it’s with a scene from a popular children’s show, asking if the character has seen this before. The other said that it was obvious before that and that it is no longer a novelty.

Here, Elon Musk reacted with laughing emojis, finding the meme and its context funny.

Musk is known to be the CEO of Starlink and one of its founders, and Orchestra is an upcoming service that would rival theirs.

Starlink: the Internet satellite in its infancy

Starlink is known for launching its public beta offerings to those who have pre-ordered the company’s satellite internet coverage service that promises fast connection for everyone. Starlink’s October release aims to bring satellite Internet to more users in the country, as its release is national.

The Musk Company is currently working on processing install requests from people to bring the functionality to them.

Indeed, the Starlink Internet satellite is at an early stage, something that can easily be rivaled by anyone in the market today. Starlink is also known to have competition in the market today, with OneWeb’s growing fleet of satellites being launched with the Soyuz rocket and other partners, as well as the famous Amazon company in its infancy.

Now another player is stepping in, and that is with the UK’s Orchestra LEO satellite internet service which aims to bring its initial features and services to the country. The service may not be here yet, but it is already aiming to get its FCC approval for this company, indicating that it is ready with its services right now.

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