Optimizing Online Touchpoints Benefits Businesses: YRC Ecommerce Consultants Explain

Optimizing Online Touchpoints Benefits Businesses: YRC Ecommerce Consultants Explain

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— Nikhil Agarwal

DUBAI, Sept. 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — From planning to assisting with implementation, the team has helped many brick-and-mortar retailers adopt e-commerce. Speaking on the topic of improving the customer experience, YRC’s omnichannel consulting team highlights the importance of optimizing online touchpoints in the customer journey and how this can be made more efficient.

Become truly omnichannel

Businesses that have embraced e-commerce can’t help but go omnichannel for too long. They can’t decide whether customers will opt for the offline or online buying journey. Customers today are looking for the benefits of both, that is, omnichannel. In such a scenario, it is in the interests of businesses to fully embrace an omnichannel approach. And by optimizing online touchpoints, businesses can create the necessary link between online and offline shopping to become truly omnichannel. On the contrary, making changes to offline touchpoints does not necessarily create that link. No experienced online business consulting professional would argue with this point.

Improve visibility with customers in the digital world

Optimizing online touchpoints in the customer journey also includes improving brand visibility in the digital world. And to achieve this, the relevant online touchpoints must first be identified. For example, younger customers are spending more time on social media apps, OTTs, dating apps, communication apps, and mobile games, to name a few. If a brand is focused on this segment, increasing visibility on these platforms increases the chances of acquisition. This understanding departs from conventional ideas of what constitutes a customer journey. Rather, these touchpoints are the new entry points into the buying journey.

Meaningful social engagement

Instead of relying on the rhetoric of “using” the power of social media platforms and how millions of people spend time on their digital screens, the goal should be to engage in engagement significant on these platforms. Social platforms are flooded with sponsored posts and users are happy to reach out to “don’t show me this ad again”. Many of these posts are filled with customer complaints. Sometimes comments get more traction than posts. Some brands care to respond, but with generic responses that further irritate customers. This clearly shows that these brands have no communication strategy. But the same touchpoints could also be used for meaningful engagement with customers. It will take effort. Customers/audiences can provide a lot of meaningful information through social media platforms. The motto should not be mere presence for fun.

Data generation for Analytics

Online touchpoints also help businesses generate data to develop meaningful consumer behavior insights. Gaining this advantage is difficult with offline touchpoints. Let’s take the example of footfall that does not convert into sales. In e-commerce, it is possible to analyze how the audience got to the website, how many sessions they stayed, how long they spent on each page, what their browsing pattern was, etc. This data could shed light on the effectiveness of the page. design, content, ease of navigation, bounce rate, etc. YRC’s retail consulting team maintains that the generation of such information is unlikely in physical stores. It would be tedious to track such activities in such detail.

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