Noem and Vegas Consultant with Connections to Impeachment Billboards and Proud Boys Advise New South Dakota Candidates – Dakota Free Press

Gov. Kristi Noem has yet to publicly comment on the sexual harassment allegations against her primary endorsement by Republican Nebraska Gov. Charles Herbster. But maybe she discussed it with the five legislators who joined her to give advice to new candidates at a reception on Thursday evening:

Rory K. McShane, tweet from “Reception of new candidates” with Governor Kristi Noem and five SD lawmakers, 2022.04.14.

Conducting this session for new candidates was Rory McShane, conservative political consultant from Las Vegas and frequent talking head of Trump fake news:

Kristi Noem and Rory McShane, event for new candidates in South Dakota, photo tweeted by Rory McShane on 14.04.2022.
Kristi Noem and Rory McShane New Candidates Event in South Dakota, tweeted photo by Rory McShane 2022.04.14.

McShane partners with Rob Burgess in political advice for candidates across the country. McShane’s partner Burgess launched a pro-Noem black money group in March and put up the billboards that attacked Noem’s Democratic challenger for governor, Rep. Jamie Smith; Noem’s Republican challenger for Governor, Rep. Steven Haugaard; and three other Republican lawmakers on impeaching Ravnsborg (which, mind you, Smith voted for last week). McShane LLC received money from the South Point Hotel and Casino, where Noem presented a rodeo convention on December 1, 2021. And McShane LLC raised money to promote Trump’s big lie about the 2020 election results and has one vice-president, Woodrow Johnstonwho wanted the sexist and racist Proud Boys to rally against the 2020 election results.

Still no word from McShane, Burgess, Noem or anyone on Thursday’s program from these folks about whether Noem really should endorse a Nebraska corporate executive whose women’s groping has been called “beyond awfulby Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

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