Nextbrain presents a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution

We are pleased to have introduced IoT solutions that can extend the ability to manage devices remotely while setting the bar high for scalability and security.

– Mr. Saran Raj

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 13, 2021 / – Nowadays, many futuristic technologies are known to the general public and one of these technologies is the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT connects everyday objects, i.e. hardware, to the Internet using specialized software. This helps them to exchange data which opens up a world of possibilities such as remote control and analysis of such software. A large amount of control can be easily achieved and big data applications and device telemetry data can then be integrated into such solutions to ensure the quality of enterprise IoT customers.

Currently, IoT technology is developing rapidly and is mainly used in industries. There are over 10 billion IoT enabled devices in 2021, and the IoT is slowly rolling out solutions for non-industrial users as well. It is already ready to achieve significant results in the industrial sector, with the planning of services such as smart city, intelligent traffic monitoring and intelligent parking. Homeowners are also benefiting from this technology, as the possibility of smart homes and intelligent hardware control becomes reality through IoT applications that operate with low network bandwidths.

Nextbrain Technologies helps create new IoT solutions that take advantage of recent advances in this technology. We provide functional design by integrating proven application development practices with UX and UI design. We have in-house UX designers who design every aspect of the customer experience with our IoT solutions. We design consumer and industrial IoT solutions and specialize in mobile applications with IoT capabilities. With over 5.2 billion smartphone users, we can easily see why Development of IoT applications is booming.

He added that “Our IoT solution gives the ability to use resources as efficiently as possible and provides personalized services for each client.” Security is the biggest concern of IoT devices these days, and you should always invest in a good mobile application development company if they create any apps to make sure this issue is looked at carefully. A competent application development company will provide physical security for all hardware devices except software-level security. At Nextbrain, we focus on abstraction layers capable of handling multiple service requirements, and we only use trusted microcontrollers, frameworks and platforms to develop our IoT applications.

About Nextbrain

Nextbrain is a leading mobile application and software development company which is located in Toronto, Canada. We are an international company founded in 2016 with also offices in the United States and India. We have made a name for ourselves in the areas of mobile and web applications. We have expertise in various technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Swift and much more for mobile app development. Our UI designers use a combination of HTML5, CSS and javascript for the UI and our back end is made up of various languages ​​like node.js, Python, React.js and many more.

Our IoT solutions hope to offer more control and interconnection with various hardware while ensuring data security. We always try to ensure that features like automatic device discovery and synchronization, mass operations, detailed analytics and remote troubleshooting are present for our IoT software solutions. We hope to integrate the customer experience through IoT and make it easier for them to control their devices.

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