Newly launched supports developers using state-of-the-art Blazor WebAssembly

VBlazor is free to use with no hidden fees or conditions attached

USA, November 16, 2022 / — is thrilled to announce the launch of its website that supports software developers using Microsoft’s recently released .Net7-based Blazor WebAssembly technology.

According to site creator Antonio Stoyanov, the industry-leading is the cheapest and most robust solution provider for developers and businesses looking to move their websites to Blazor Webassembly’s open source web framework technology. point.

Additionally, VS2022 projects can be downloaded and used in two languages: VB.NET and C#.

Using, developers can build their own powerful websites in .NET Core with Blazor WebAssembly or MVC. They can also create new projects or upgrade existing Visual Basic applications, such as VB6, WinForms, and WebForms. is free to use, with no additional taxes, and there are no hidden fees or conditions attached. No third-party components are required when using the site.

VBlazor can be used for building a variety of websites, including:

• E-commerce websites
• Corporate websites
• Portfolio websites
• Media websites
• Magazine and news websites
• Non-profit websites
• Educational websites
• Websites of infopreneurs
• Blog websites
• Forum websites
• Personal websites
• Niche websites
• Membership websites

Additionally, has strong identity-based security authorization.

Another benefit of is that powerful on-page SEO is included, and new websites built on the platform will see their homepages boosted to the top of search engines. And the responsive web design automatically adjusts so that all website content displays correctly and consistently on a variety of devices.

Explaining his motivation for creating VBlazor, Stoyanov said, “I decided to share my work with the developers by providing them with a fully functional and ready-to-use project directly. People can download the solution for free and start using it as a website.

Stoyanov, who is available for consultation, has worked successfully with .Net Cor and .Net Framework for over 20 years. wins praise from its users. “I create business features very quickly in back-end and front-end, CRUD (create, read, update, delete), sort, search and paginate. Now I have more time for my family, friends and my hobbies,” said Monty Jones, a software developer.

Sam Diago, a project manager, said, “We upgraded our complex VB application to VB.NET Blazor Wasm using the VBlazor template. The job was done quickly and built to last. Costs, time and effort were less than estimated. We saved money for bonuses.

To contact Stoyanov for consultancy work, email him at [email protected]

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