Music meets snack food in chicken-exclusive collaboration with local rap icon

houston native Slim Thug may be famous for his achievements in the music industry, but he also has culinary talents. The rap icon collaborated with Chick’nCone add a HOGGLIFE Sauce and HOGGLIFE cone to the restaurant’s range of fried chicken served in hand-rolled waffle cones. Both are available for a limited time exclusively in Houston’s only franchise, 1919 N. Shepherd.

To celebrate the new menu, Chick’nCone is organizing a meeting with Slim on Saturday June 26 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. A selection of HOGG products will also be available for purchase. A large turnout is expected, so arrive early if a one-on-one time is important to you. Find more information on the the event’s Facebook page.

waffle cones filled with fried chicken
The HOGGLIFE cone created by Slim Thug is filled with fried chicken mixed with a complex sauce, then topped with mac and cheese and fried onions. It is available exclusively at the Houston Chick’nCone location. Courtesy photo.

So what does it taste like? The specific ingredients are a secret, but we do know that Slim mixed and selected the sauce himself to reflect the different “flavors of life” and his personal aspirations to carry on. We were told that “throughout his development, Slim kept saying ‘add more, add more’ – ultimately creating a complex sauce.” The sauce mixtures soft, Spicy and smoky note with a light spicy kick. The HOGGLIFE cone comes with fried chicken thrown in the HOGGLIFE sauce and the whole shebang is topped with creamy mac and cheese, fried onions and a touch of salted bacon. A representative shares that Slim has been a longtime regular at the restaurant and that the partnership came naturally.

Houston franchisee Marisol Vasquez saw common ground with the singer, who was already a fan of the restaurant. “In April, we teamed up with the very talented Slim Thug to raise funds for his nonprofit, Boss Life Foundation,” he shares. “We’re both foodies, so it was only natural that we collaborate on a new cone to bring to the community. “

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