Most temporary workers prefer the title of “consultant” or “entrepreneur” and not “temporary”

June 21, 2021

According to a report by Staffing Industry Analysts, the majority of temporary workers employed through recruiting companies prefer to be referred to as something other than “temporary” or “temporary worker.” Instead, most prefer to be called “consultant”, “entrepreneur” or “associate”.

However, preferences varied greatly depending on the worker’s salary and age.

Lower-paid and younger workers were less likely to oppose “agency” or “temp”, and better-paid and older workers were more likely to oppose. In particular, while the report found that 33% of those earning less than $ 16 an hour agreed with “temp,” only 2% of those earning $ 60 an hour or more the were. Likewise, 28% of workers aged 25 and under agreed with “temp”, but only 10% of those aged 56 and over agreed.

“It’s important for recruiting firms to recognize these sensitivities and preferences so that their staff can do the best they can with new applicants and make the best impression possible,” said Jon Osborne, vice president of strategic research and author of report. “We know from previous SIA surveys of temporary workers that the personal side of a candidate’s experience with recruiting companies is absolutely critical to their loyalty to that company. “

The full report is available online for SIA member companies.

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