McDonald’s drive-thru employee’s ‘customer service’ delights the internet

A drive-thru worker at an alleged McDonald’s in Brisbane, Australia, is getting lots of praise and appreciation for his ‘impeccable’ customer service.

The viral TikTok showcasing the moment, captioned “Customer service is second to none, someone is promoting this man #fyp”, has been viewed 1 million times and liked 217,800 times since it was shared on March 25.

According to Statista, in 2020 McDonald’s worldwide revenue was $19.21 billion. That same year, there were 39,198 total McDonald’s restaurants worldwide.

The website also reported that in a 2020 survey of customers in the United States, 60% of respondents did additional business with companies because of good customer service. However, this is a decrease from 2017, where 68% of respondents said they did more business with companies for the same reason.

The 43-second video, shared by TikToker @kirstenbaker75, or Kirsten Baker, began with the woman filming herself in a vehicle while at a McDonald’s drive-thru. She told a man in the car next to her what she wanted, and he let the worker attending the drive-thru know over the loudspeaker.

The conversation started as it normally would in a drive-thru. “Little double cheeseburger, add bacon,” the worker said. “And what drink was it with?”

The man added a Coke Zero to the order, to which the drive-thru worker replied, “Anything else I could supply?”

“Yeah, are you making buns right now?” asked the man in the vehicle.

The fast food worker then added with a rather courteous response, “I regret to inform you that due to recent policy changes, we only make buns between 4am and 10.30am.”

A McDonald’s drive-thru employee’s “customer service” is delighting the internet in a viral TikTok. Here, a burger bitten by the steering wheel of a car.

The TikToker, who filmed his face all the time during the exchange, laughed. “Spewing,” said the man in the car, which is Australian slang for “being extremely upset or upset about something,” according to Urban dictionary. “It’s OK.”

The clerk could obviously tell the man wanted the buns and he apologized. “I apologize for being the bearer of bad news,” the McDonald’s employee added. He also said, “Is there anything else I could help with?”

The man said no and that was it, but the clerk continued the conversation: “Could I perhaps interest you or your co-conspirator in two cheeseburgers for the price of one?”

The customer said no thank you as the TikToker burst out laughing. “No thanks, I think we’ve had enough,” the man said.

But the clerk wasn’t done with his jokes yet. “How unfortunate,” he added over the speaker. The woman laughed again and the clerk told them their all-under total, which totaled 3,380 cents, telling them to come to the first window. The woman continued to laugh hysterically before the video was cut.

More than 2,500 comments poured in on the video highlighting the McDonald’s employee’s customer service skills. Some people couldn’t get over the exact wording he chose. “How was he so good?” asked a TikToker. “The cents got me.”

A viewer thinks the employee “definitely had a meltdown with his co-workers saying that into the headset.”

Some TikTokers recognized the drive-thru employee. One viewer admitted he missed him, saying he used to go to this McDonald’s “all the time when I was working in the valley, and he always made me smile after a bad night.”

A TikTok user admitted to doing something similar while working in the drive-thru, adding, “Getting paid minimum wage means you have to find a way to be entertained.”

While another viewer thought the employee was talking old school. “My man talks like he’s in the 1600s,” one TikToker pointed out.

Other appreciation comments included replies such as “He’s the best”, “I love this guy” and “Immaculate service”.

Another viewer thought the man was in the wrong line of work. “This guy needs to do commercials,” they said. “What a legend.”

Newsweek has reached out to TikToker @kirstenbaker75 and McDonald’s for comment.

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