Man’s bizarre skill to recite the alphabet backwards takes the internet by storm

One man’s strange skill at reciting the alphabet song backwards has impressed online, going viral with over 4 million views.

The video, shared by Tanner Harvey, shows what he calls the “best party thing I’ve ever seen,” as friend Geoff Jensen proudly recites the alphabet backwards on his phone.

Filmed in the back of a moving tour bus, the men’s group is musician Denm’s band, currently performing across the country, hence their tired mood.

Jensen lay casually and managed to recite the entire alphabet backwards, but it only became clear what he had done afterwards. Instead, it seemed like Jensen spoke a mixture of gibberish and Russian, as noted by many viewers.

He even changed the rhythm of the song backwards, in an effort to recreate the authentic tune of the alphabet song. Jensen then proudly played the recording aloud backwards to his friends, revealing the full alphabet recital in a tone that many say still sounds Russian, despite being American.

Jensen even managed to put the finishing touches on adding “Now I know my ABCs, next time won’t you sing with me” at the end.

Video can also be seen in full here.

The wacky skill has impressed online, gaining over 800,000 likes in just four days. “I win,” he shouted at the end of the video.

Harvey joked in a comment that his friend was in fact “an alien,” which makes it the only plausible explanation for many.

“I love that the guy next to him woke up just for a laugh,” one user commented, noting his friend’s sudden rise after playing the alphabet recording.

“How many times is too many times to watch this,” wrote another viewer.

“This is just amazing and a quality that I will now be looking for in men. Thank you very much,” one TikTok user joked.

“I like that it sounds Russian forward and backward,” added one user.

“It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” said another impressed viewer.

In other Weird Skills news, Florida man Tyler Phillips managed to set the world record for “most consecutive cars hopped on a pogo stick” on Wednesday, October 17.

Phillips jumped over five London taxis in England, breaking the previous world record of four. The moment was uploaded to Guinness World Records (GWR) Instagram, where, like Harvey’s video, it went viral.

“Standing at almost 2m [6.5 feet] large and 1.6 m [5.2 feet] large, London’s five electric taxis designed for tough obstacles, ” GWR said on its website.

Image of spaghetti alphabet. Images of a man reciting the alphabet song backwards have gone viral.
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