Mannafest Consulting’s Shawal Banyamayan Announces ‘Activation of Melanated Mogul’, a Transcendent Spiritual Retreat for CEOs in the BBIPOC Community

‘Melanated Mogul Activation’ A destination retreat centered on an experience of empowerment and awakening.

Shawal Makahla Banyamayan, of Mannafest Consulting, in collaboration with Jonathan Roumain, of Indigoflowz, are pleased to announce Melanated Mogul Activation, a destination retreat and transcendent spiritual experience.

The 3-day Transformational Retreat will help CEOs from the BBIPOC community to dive deep into releasing ancestral trauma, healing the inner child and expanding corporate vision, using powerful ceremonial earth medicines such as cocoa and energy medicine.

The goal of the Melanated Mogul Activation Transformational Retreat is to help 6- and 7-figure CEOs who feel they are reaching a revenue ceiling or feel uninspired after reaching higher levels of success and wish to identify a higher mission within their company and their soul. call.

Known as “BBIPOC’s Mystical Mentor for CEOs,” Banyamayan aims to help 100 mission-driven entrepreneurs and CEOs over the next 24 months awaken to their full potential and soul mission.

“I believe helping so many entrepreneurs within the BBIPOC community to spark a higher mission within their businesses and businesses will create a ripple effect across the globe when it comes to equality, unity and the restoration of indigenous practices that have the potential to bring healing to millions. of individuals. The current system for addressing mental health is flawed in my view. Suicide rates are on the rise, and I believe plant and energy medicine is the wave of the future to heal those who have failed the system,” says Banaymayan. Mannafest Consulting is also a supporter of the decriminalization of all entheogenic substances and aims to become part of the activist community in the State of Arizona by June 2022. A portion of the proceeds from the retreats is dedicated to this initiative as well as a fund to build an Entheogen Crystal Sanctuary designed to support the local Native community of Sedona, Arizona and beyond.

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About Shawal Banyamayan

Shawal Banayamayan is a cosmic transformational coach, an ally of psychedelic medicine and dedicated to liberating humanity globally through soul coaching and restoring ancient indigenous medicinal practices. He has helped dozens of clients scale their businesses with personalized web design, marketing, and sales psychology strategy to achieve financial freedom by tapping into their higher selves.

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