Little Girl Repeatedly Hangs Up on Daddy’s FaceTime Calls, Leaving Internet Down

A video has gone viral showing a little girl repeatedly hanging up when her father tries to confront her, and the internet is down.

In images shared on TikTok by Craig Johnson, known online as clhjohns79, a small child can be seen watching a TV show on an iPhone while wrapped in a blanket.

The program is then interrupted by a FaceTime call from her father, who appears on the screen and says, “Hey baby.”

The kid, who has orange pom poms tied in his hair, immediately presses the red button that ends the call to continue watching his show.

Again, his dad tries to call him, and this time he appears onscreen for less than a second, not long enough to say a word, before the kid has finished FaceTime again. .

A third time, the beloved father tries to interrupt time for him and has enough time to say “back” before he is turned down again.

Johnson captioned the hilarious video, who can be watched here, with a series of love hearts and laughing emojis, along with the words: “Love my baby #dadsoftiktok #dadlife #jerseytoatlanta #spoiledkid #daddysgirl #superdad #tiktokviral.”

The adorable images, which were shared on July 31, have so far had 18.4 million views and 5.1 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their glee at the funny clip.

One TikTok user Ari 313 wrote: “As soon as he said hey baby she said, ‘let me stop you there. “LMAO.”

Another person, I want chun chun cunsidcan, added, “She’s just responding so she doesn’t have to move her hand.”

Bagboy said: “Bro at least she responds because I’m not even going to respond.”

Morgan Dawn typed in, “You can’t teach this level of daring, you were just born with it.”

L gushed: “These pandemic babies are too smart and hilarious.”

BabyBaby commented “If he doesn’t let this baby watch the show,” alongside a crying face emoji.

An account by the name of I have 15.0 Followers exclaimed, “Omgg, she turned it down every time.”

Another video of a humorous father-daughter relationship that has gone viral is of a toddler repeatedly calling his father Mike, despite hating it.

The adorable video, posted by Brittikitty on May 5, has been viewed 16.1 million times and garnered 2.5 million likes.

News week have reached out to Johnson for comment.

An image of a little girl holding a phone. In a viral TikTok video, a young child repeatedly hangs up on calls from his father.
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