Kusha Kapila recalls being criticized for entering ‘sacred’ comic space | Web series

Amazon Prime Video’s comedy reality show Comicstaan ​​will soon be back with its third season. While Abish Mathew took over hosting the show for the third time, this time he was also joined by Instagram influencer Kusha Kapila. The comic show’s reception is something that Kusha has taken very seriously and hopes to prove wrong to those who think content creators should stay away from the “sacred space of comics.” Read also| Dolly Singh says 99% of celebrities she met were ‘warm’, showed her how to stay humble

While announcing her appearance as a host on Comicstaan, Kusha said on her Instagram that she realizes audiences aren’t used to watching content creators in “sacred spaces of comedy,” adding that she had prepared for the role. Elaborating on this in a recent chat with Hindustan Times, Kusha said she wanted to let people know that she doesn’t take it for granted.

She said: “We’re creators no, so there’s this joke that after 15 seconds we leave (blank). First of all, it’s 90 seconds now, so we talk for a minute and a half. But Comictaan is a long-form show, so I just wanted to let them know that I’ve worked hard for it, it’s not like we’re just there.”

Kusha also recalled how she was criticized after news of her entering a comedy show first emerged. She said: “The creators get a lot of flak for stepping into the sacred space of comics. This guy was like, ‘how can she be the judge, how can you make her the judge, she can’t do anything, that girl isn’t funny.’ Then I said ‘no, I’m just the host.’ Then he was like, ‘Oh, so it’s fine. All the best.” However, Kusha noted that the reaction to her new venture has been “very positive” lately.

Kusha added that the Comicstaan ​​team helped her figure out how to handle her hosting duties. She said: “You just need to understand why a certain joke is written and how it needs to be delivered. You need to intellectualize these things a bit. You can’t be like we’re going to, not everything can not be spontaneous.”

Kusha has been on a long journey since appearing as a guest on Abish Mathew’s talk show Son of Abish in 2020. Both Kusha and Abish have been congratulating each other as they were discussing their bond and the Comicstaan ​​co-hosting experience. Abish said: “I feel like Kusha and I are the same person. I had south Indian genes, she had north Indian genes. But when we meet, I feel like sooner or later Kusha should do a talk show, and I should transition into what Kusha does.”

Kusha added to that, “You know how they talk about colliding galaxies in a billion years, that’s what they mean by that. Abish will become me, and I will become Abish.” Kusha also compared Abish to Ranveer Singh while talking about his personality. She said, “Abish is the best. I auditioned for Comictsaan with him. Ranveer Singh said in a recent interview with Koffee With Karan that he is light-footed in the journey of life. I think Abish is that person. He’s very light-footed in the journey of life, and there’s a certain calm that he brings to the collective hyper energy of the host. So there’s this lightness of being. To be Abish is the lightness of being.

Aadar Malik, who will make a special appearance at Comicstaan, added: “I’m a very heavy person, I trample on life.” The comedian, who was recently seen in an episode of the anthology series Modern Love Mumbai, opened up about how he navigates between three different types of careers: comedy, acting and music. Aadar happens to be the nephew of musician Anu Malik and often uses music in his comedic content.

He explained, “I think I like acting because acting and comedy overlap. I can do anything in both of those forms, and I realized that I didn’t want to separate the idea of ​​stand-up comedy. to play on stage or something. It became this little animal that I like to fight every day on my own. Abish is the one who told me to stop bothering with what you think works or no and start doing whatever you want I started I’m doing this fairly recently and I really like it so I was hosting a show last night and today I’m probably going to a theater rehearsal and in at night I will probably do another show.

The comedians also responded if they felt compelled to be more politically correct and go the extra mile not to offend anyone in their comedy bits. Aadar, who later mentioned that he had a law degree, joked, “Lawyers deal with these things these days. So we’re preemptively told what will work and what won’t.”

Abish said, “It’s interesting. For example, when you’re making a show that’s going to have a massive audience, our goal is to always give a show that everyone can laugh at. That’s why there’s a term called ‘ art vs art by committee.’ Art is where an individual can give their opinion, art in committee is when a group of artists make sure they come out with the best product that has the best ethics and all the tones match. show, but also the individual artists attached to it.”

Kusha, whose Instagram feed is filled with humorous and relatable reels, in addition to her collaboration with celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, also talked about how she manages to balance her career as a content creator with that of hosting and hosting. ‘to act. Kusha, who was previously seen in the Netflix anthology series Ghost Stories in an episode produced by Karan Johar, will soon be seen alongside Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta in Masaba Masaba. However, she said she doesn’t plan to give up on her followers and will continue to create content for them. Read also| Instagram star Vishnu Kaushal on Feels Like Home: I never thought I’d be the lead

Revealing how she balances acting and content creation, Kusha said, “When you’re on set, there’s a lot of anticipation, Aadar will tell you that. Especially if you’re playing a supporting character. has so much time on your hand. I once shot for a song that only had my shoulder and I spent five days shooting for it. I made a lot of content in those five days. Comictsaan was obviously very demanding, and my content took a step back when I was doing Comicstaan ​​because it’s a very demanding show, especially for the host Our day starts at 7-8 in the morning and ends at 1 o’clock in the evening. So it’s very taxing. But the content will never take up space. I love making content, I enjoy it a lot.”

Comicstaan ​​Season 3, which will see comedians compete for the title of India’s next best comedian, will begin streaming on Amazon Prime Video on July 15. This season will have Zakir Khan, Sumukhi Suresh, Neeti Palta and Kenny Sebastian as judges.

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