It’s time to cut taxes in Washington state

Ah June, remember when, remember when the state found an extra tax dollar, then another and another and … finally “$ 2.6 billion more!” Sheesh, it’s time to stop milking that cash cow, right?

Jason Mercier of the Washington Policy Center thinks so and he wrote in a Spokane Journal article, “Washington’s quarterly revenue forecast for June showed another huge increase in tax revenue. That’s $ 2.6 billion more than expected when lawmakers drafted the 2021-2023 budget earlier this year. now 2.6 billion reasons for lawmakers to finally provide sweeping Washingtonian-based tax relief. “

Tax relief? Do liberal states even know what it is? Well, they actually do and they are our neighbors on the Pacific coast. Residents of Oregon are expected to receive a $ 1.4 billion rebate in the form of a credit on their 2021 taxes when they file next spring. The Uber-liberal California promises the biggest state tax refund in American history. – nearly $ 12 billion in total. And even Idaho got into the law with more than $ 435 million in tax relief for the citizens of Idaho, the largest tax cut in state history.

Chris Cargill, the Washington Policy Center’s East Washington director was a guest on KIT Morning News where he spoke about an idea for a Washington state tax rebate through a cut from the state of the dales tax. Cargill says the state’s rate is currently 6.5% and that Washington hasn’t seen a rate cut since 1982.

By reducing the state sales tax rate by 0.1%, the resident would save approximately $ 306 million. Double that to 0.2% and the still tax-hungry legislature would still have $ 2 billion in unexpected extra revenue.

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