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A webpage presence is crucial for almost any law firm. Few law firms do not have a web page at this point. Whether the webpage is designed to help attract new clients or to provide information to existing clients and others, law firm webpages can serve a vital purpose.

The web page address can be a critical consideration for many law firms. Most law firms have a web page address that matches the name of the law firm. On the other hand, some law firms may have a law firm address that contains keywords for their primary practice area. Many law firms also choose to put city and state information in their web page address.

Is your law firm’s web page secure?

Before the address itself, law firm web pages begin with http or https before the address itself. The difference between http and https makes a big difference.

Web pages beginning with http are not secure web pages. On the other hand, web page addresses starting with https are secure web pages. When a web page address is not secure, most browsers will even tell you that the web page you are visiting is “Insecure”.

The main difference between https and https is that instead of clear text, the information transmitted between your computer and the server with https is hidden behind a secret code that only those computers know. So, with https, it is more difficult for a web page or a user to get hacked. It also results in encryption, which protects anyone who visits your web page.

Why should you care?

One of the main reasons law firms should switch to https is because Google cares about a web page’s organic rank in search results. In other words, web pages with https over http will generally rank higher when individuals seek legal assistance in a particular practice area.

Having an https webpage also minimizes the risk of your webpage being hacked. It also helps to ensure that others cannot spy on internet activity that an individual is engaged in.

How to secure your law firm’s web page?

If your law firm’s webpage isn’t secure, it’s worth the investment to make it happen ASAP. To secure a web page, a law firm must obtain an SSL certificate that converts the web page from http to https. If a law firm hosts its own website, an SSL certificate can be easily purchased from the company that hosts your domain.

If a law firm uses a marketing company to host and maintain a web page, it is also easy to request that company to obtain the SSL certificate on behalf of the law firm. But most reputable marketing companies don’t even need to be asked to secure a webpage. Instead, most will do this by default, especially if it’s a new webpage.

But many law firms that host and maintain their own law firm web page are often unaware of the importance of securing their web page. Moreover, for web pages that have been around for a long time, many were also created before the advent of secure web pages. So, it is essential to check if your law firm’s web page has been around for years.

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