Introducing the Big Brains Club: The Smartest NFT Project in the Metaverse

The goal of the project is to build a healthy network of NFT and crypto experts in one space.

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, May 8, 2022 / — The creators of Big Brains Club are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the smartest NFT project in the Metaverse.

Big Brains Club is an exclusive Ethereum-based collection of smart AI-generated characters. The project not only boasts the coolest brains floating around the blockchain, but also guarantees holders access to a closed community of experts in the NFT and crypto space.

“As the Metaverse is a rapidly changing environment, it has become very difficult to navigate and filter all relevant information that investors need,” says Saso Pejic, co-founder of Big Brains Club. “That’s why we strive to build a healthy network with strong fundamentals that will focus on education and provide only the best alpha groups to its holders, and to help them take advantage of the opportunities that the crypto space.”

Throughout the project’s roadmap to success, holders will have the opportunity to win Oculus VR headsets, exclusive merchandise, and even reimbursement for mints plus gas. Additionally, when Big Brains Club reaches 100% full potential, each holder will not only be in possession of an incredible piece of art, but will also have access to future exclusive collections, partnerships, airdrops and, more importantly, to the utility, which come into effect in the post-editing phase.

“Get a brain and join us,” says Pejic. “After all, no brains, no gain.”

The Big Brains Club official build date is rapidly approaching 17.5 and will have a presale price of 0.06 ETH and a general sale price of 0.08 ETH.

For more information on Big Brains Club, please visit

About the Big Brains Club

Big Brains Club is founded and run by some of the brightest minds in the NFT and crypto spaces. Saso, one of the co-founders of the project, is an influencer marketer and Web 3.0 enthusiast who focuses on community management and influencer collaborations.

The second co-founder of Big Brains Club, Jure, is a legal expert by profession and a blockchain nerd in his spare time. Jure is in charge of legal advice and co-management of the community.

The project’s third co-founder, Tom, is the Marketing Director of one of Europe’s leading online retailers and, although his focus is on marketing and brand development, he is often also found relax in the Brain Lounge.

The fourth co-founder, Maj, is co-owner and CMO of one of Europe’s leading online retailers, specializing in web design and coding, but will also help with marketing the project.

Janez (Johnny) is the “nerd” of the team who started his career as a web developer and now works as an embedded software engineer for Plume. Johnny will take care of all the technical aspects of the project.

Saso Pejic
Big Brains Club
[email protected]

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