Internet torn apart by laid-off Walmart workers who ‘pulled’ scanners in viral post viewed 300,000 times

Internet is torn by a viral video which shows a group of Walmart employees using price scanners as bogus weapons. The post exceeded 20,000 likes and 295,000 views. The caption on the video overlay read: “They were all fired,” sparking heated debate in the comments over whether the events really took place – and if so, if it was justified.

Flash warning: strobe light effects in the video

As shown in the short clip – uploaded by @mbkstank – several employees pointed price scanners directly at the camera as if they were firearms, giving off a strobe light effect. Some of the workers appeared from behind the shelves, while another rode a bicycle. Another pushed a cart. The caption accompanying the video read, “They turned on Walmart though.”

Walmart Currently has more than 10,000 stores in 24 different countries around the world and has approximately 2 million employees, of which approximately 1.6 million are in the United States. Currently, the schedule salary to business starts at $ 18 and offers free education and language courses among other benefits for their full-time employees. The content drew controversial comments, with some defending the allegedly “fired” employees for being “cute.”

“Walmart doesn’t fire any employees unless you steal or quit, they barely have any employees now,” @Katrina said.

@dopestylz_clothing wrote: “But it was so cool. It actually made me want to go shopping. Sad”

“It’s the loss of the stores now that they have to replace every employee they just laid off, the store took an L on that one,” @ jodecy60 exclaimed.

“It was cute though !! You have to do your best where you work!” @ user7334136253850 commented.

“lol not gonna lie. Thought I was watching a laser tag commercial,” @Joe said.

@Dee asked the company, “Ask HR to show me documents where this is illegal.”

In the photo above, a retail employee is scanning products.
Smederevac / iStock / Getty Images Plus

The other side of the comments noted the lack of professionalism.

“It doesn’t matter who said it! You’re supposed to work without playing,” @artimepi said, also commenting, “Customers should start calling the company and writing letters to the president (CEO of Walmart) about this kind of things.”

“It’s a business, not a playground.” @Marquise wrote.

The TikTok page where the video was originally posted showed other videos with a similar theme. Some captions read “they’ve been kicked out”, suggesting all of the videos could be linked. It is not known whether the employees on the viral video have been fired or whether the videos are intended for social media.

News week contacted Walmart and @mkbstank for comment.

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