Internet supports his wife who confronted her husband’s friend

The internet has come to the defense of a woman who said she recently confronted her husband’s friend, Sarah.

Posting to Reddit’s “Am I the asshole” forum on Thursday under the username u/OopsNoRing, the Redditor explained that Sarah likes to compete with her on “how close” she is to the Redditor’s husband. and “how well she knows him.”

Already, the mail received over 17,000 upvotes and over 1,700 comments.

At the start of her post, the Redditor said that she and her husband recently hung out with Sarah and a few of her other friends.

“My husband and I got married a few weeks ago and this was the first time most have seen us since,” she wrote.

Everyone congratulated the couple on their wedding, except for Sarah, who reportedly approached the Redditor and her husband to say how “disappointed” she was not to be invited to the ceremony.

“[My husband] told him no one but our parents knew, no one was invited, and we didn’t get our professional photos back,” the Redditor recalled. But Sarah didn’t hear him.

Sarah burst into tears and told the Redditor’s husband that their friendship “needed some serious attention to recover.”

That comment ‘triggered’ the Redditor, so she looked at Sarah and said, ‘He may be your best friend, but you’re not his, and that was between ME and HIM, you don’t wasn’t even a consideration.”

Psychologist QuaVaundra Perry Recount Vice that there are two “major signs” that it’s time for someone to tell their partner about their “relationship with a specific friend”.

“If you’re never asked to go out with them, it’s kind of worrying. It’s like, ‘If it’s just platonic, at least give me an invite! Maybe I’m not interested in the something that you bond with, but to at least give me a chance to say no,” she said.

She added that it’s important to assess the “emotional support” each person gives to the other.

“If you find that your partner frequently checks in with their friend or talks to them about their feelings, especially instead of talking about you, and especially if they are talking about your relationship, it’s worth having a [blunt but non-accusatory] talk about ” Vice noted.

In the comments section of the post, the Redditor shared that her husband only sees Sarah in group settings. However, that didn’t deter commenters from supporting the Redditor’s decision to confront Sarah.

“NTA [not the a**hole]- she crossed the line with her sobbing and PUBLIC demands and she needs TLC? She has a whole relationship in her head that may or may not exist – and your husband needs to draw that line in the sand,” u/Ok-Study-5917 wrote.

“NTA. She was trying to make your wedding a story of her and her feelings,” u/TheUtopianCat said.

“NTA and I wish you could see how my eyes rolled reading this. Talk about no boundaries. She’s so transparent in your hubby it’s almost painful,” u/fargoLEVY13 commented.

Redditor u/One_Saturday_Morning added, “NTA. She needed checking out.”

The internet has come to the defense of a woman who said she recently confronted her husband’s friend, Sarah. The Redditor explained that her husband’s friend started sobbing after not being invited to their wedding.
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