Inglewood terminates Intuit Dome consultancy contract

Inglewood City Manager Artie Fields is asking council to rescind a previous action related to council services related to the Intuit Dome at the next regular council meeting on June 28.

The accompanying staff report cites “additional information” brought to the mayor’s attention hours after the conclusion of the June 21 regular city council meeting.

The council has approved a nearly $5 million consulting agreement with California Code Specialties Inc. and although Inglewood’s municipal code allows professional services to be exempt from a bidding process, Fields is asking such a process which is likely to result in “cost savings and improved overall performance”.

Due to additional information received after the initial approval, the mayor did not sign the agreement.

The Public Works Department had originally budgeted $800,000 for plan verification services and requested that an additional $3 million be added to the account code, which increases the city’s deficit with the additional funds from city ​​reserves.

The mayor noted that the funds are ‘refundable’, however, Inglewood Assemblywoman Tina McKinnor appears to be waiving the developer impact fee from local governments and school districts under AB 1743 .


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