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Illegal call center that leaves from Ranhola, a suburb of Delhi, and deceives people in the name of granting loans to a prominent financial services company has been dismantled by the police cyber cell unit of Delhi (CyPAD).

Seven people, including a sales promoter associated with a telecommunications services company, have been arrested for deceiving more than 500 applicants for a 2.5 crore rupee loan over the past two years, officials said .

Deputy Police Commissioner (CyPAD) Anyesh Roy said the arrested sales promoter Pawan Mittal is not a company employee but a third-party promoter.

Mittal used to activate SIM cards illegally using documents and photographs of strangers who submitted them to obtain new numbers while in India. The illegally activated SIM cards were used to contact loan seekers with the intent to trick them into avoiding getting caught by law enforcement, Roy said.

“As SIM cards have been activated using documents and photographs of strangers, it has become difficult to identify and catch fraudsters,” the DCP said.

Police said the call center was dismantled following an investigation into a complaint filed by a certain Pawan Kumar, who had been robbed for nearly Rs 2.19 lakh in the name of granting ‘a personal loan of Rs 10 lakh.

Kumar was trying to get a personal loan online when he came across a phone number claiming to be associated with a large financial services company.

“Kumar called that number and was guaranteed a loan at a lucrative interest rate. He was made to pay around R2.19 lakh as processing fee and other charges. To gain his trust, he received an email with an ID that looked like the company’s official email ID, ”the officer said.

The loan seeker knew he was being duped when he did not receive the money and the number he contacted the loan provider on was disabled. A cheating case was recorded on his complaint.

During the investigation, DCP Roy said, the investigation team traced the money and, through technical surveillance, traced the call center to Rahnola.

“We first arrested Mittal who had activated the number used to call the complainant. His interrogation led to the arrest of the leader, Mohammad Irfan Saifi, who previously worked as a telephone operator in an insurance company, ”he said.

The other people arrested are Vishal Tiwari, Vidhata, Amit Kumar, Gyan Singh and Rishabh Mohammad. Saifi told police they were cheating on 20 to 25 people every month through the call center he set up two years ago.

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