Highest-paying team are working on Fiverr, new report finds

When employers shut down at the start of the pandemic in March of last year, employees took to the web, creating independent scrambles and finding an online community, despite the foggy future of the job market.

For many newbie freelancers, platforms like Fiverr, an online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses that may need digital services, are key to getting their side off the ground. Over the past year, more than 8,600 part-time freelancers who provided user-friendly remote services collectively made more than $ 3.5 million in revenue on Fiverr, according to an analysis conducted on behalf of Canva, a platform. -graphic design and publication form.

The analysis examines the earning potential of part-time side activities or concerts. Online secondary activities are ranked based on their completion rate, increased demand during the pandemic, and location, in particular, where people are earning more on the platform.

For its analysis, Canva created a list of over 50 popular side activities and researched the lists of services available on Fiverr. It only considered active “level one” sellers on Fiverr who started their side business in March of this year and had only completed 10-50 jobs, with the goal of capturing a greater share of part-time and newer freelancers.

In the United States, in terms of the maximum price for a single job, secondary activities such as web design are the most profitable, but looking at the average price per job, the report finds that presentation design is the most lucrative. “We have noticed that jobs that support the growth of a company’s branding, such as social media marketing, web design and website creation, are some of the frequently offered ancillary services. with the highest average income potential, ”said a Canva spokesperson. told CNBC Make It.

The data also shows an increase in design-based services. For example, Customer reviews collected by Canva show that 12 months before the pandemic and during statewide shutdowns, demand for business card designs increased by more than 72%, despite some experts suggesting the pandemic would completely exacerbate the decline of business cards.

Like any customer-centric service, reviews are crucial for freelancers looking to differentiate themselves. Having positive interactions with clients can be essential for a freelance writer who wants to build engagement and charge higher rates over time.

As the job market returns to normal and the unemployment rate declines, freelancers may seek to increase online traffic in order to meet demand. According to experts at Canva, getting the most out of your side business depends on building your brand, planning a solid marketing strategy, and customer enthusiasm for the services provided.

Here are the highest paying side activities on Fiverr in the United States, according to the maximum prize won:

  1. Website Design – $ 700
  2. Social Media Manager – $ 675
  3. Proofreading and editing – $ 660
  4. CV, cover letter and resume writing – $ 600
  5. Website Creation – $ 580
  6. 3D and 2D modeling – $ 550
  7. Business Consulting – $ 500
  8. Social media advertising – $ 500
  9. Graphic design – $ 500
  10. Presentation – $ 450

These are the secondary pushes with the highest average price:

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