Guide to Getting Your Small Business Online in 2021

According to 2021 Data Reportal Digital Report, in January 2021, there were 38.2 million internet users in South Africa, or 38.2 million people searching for products, services, answers to questions and general information every day . This means that there is a world of opportunity to bring your small business idea to life in the digital space.

The online world has become the perfect place to grow your small business. Whether you sell your locally designed clothes, gourmet food products, or offer a home cleaning service in your area, bringing your business online allows you to target specific customers and build your online presence in a relevant, efficient way. , affordable and fast. .

As with any new business, it is advisable to plan ahead before you start. “Create a launch plan online and decide how much you want to invest in it,” says Thomas Vollrath, CEO of local web hosting company 1-grid. “Getting your small business online doesn’t necessarily mean excessive upfront costs, but it’s important that you budget for basics like web hosting, branding, and marketing. “

Getting a small business online takes time, but technology has made it a lot easier. There are various tools and platforms online that can help you automate processes, create marketing materials, manage projects, and schedule content. Once your business grows, you can then look to employ other people with specific skills for your business needs.

There is a lot of information going around about getting a business online and it can be overwhelming. If you don’t know where to start, here are three basic steps to getting your small business online:

  1. Register now a domain: Get instant credibility with a unique business domain name. Keep it short and easy for people to remember. If your market is very local, you might get a or even .capetown or .joburg domain name. If you are setting your sights on a larger market, .com or .africa domain names are favored by search engines.
  2. Subscribe to web hosting: Web hosting provides space for your website and all of its data on a local server. Secure your online space and make sure your website is live and available to customers and clients 24/7.
  3. Build a website: You no longer need to hire an expert to create a professional looking website. DIY website builder tools allow you to select a suitable template and customize it to suit your brand’s appearance.
  4. Invest in the security of your website: Small businesses are the number one target for hackers due to their reputation for poor security. You need an SSL certificate and an anti-malware tool to provide constant online monitoring, monitor breach attempts, and resolve threats before they gain access to corporate data.

With those foundations in place, setting up basic social media pages and digital marketing strategies becomes easier and more effective. Research social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to see which one would work best for your brand. These will help you build your presence alongside your website.

Once your basic social media platforms are up and running, you can take a look at more advanced tools like Google Adwords to help market yourself and generate leads on Google. Growing an online business, from your website to your social media, isn’t all about the hours, it’s also about working smart and investing in the right tools and people to get you out of the mess. in general.

With a focus on SMEs in South Africa, bases its offering on the motto “Small business is our business”. It offers one-stop-shop for getting online, DIY website building tools, SSL certificates and web security packages, domain registration, email hosting and website design. personalized for customers. “SMBs are essential to the growth of our economy, but they need real, affordable expertise, support and online tools to keep their data secure and their sales growing,” says Vollrath.

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