From live streaming to data analytics: how this omnichannel platform helps businesses grow and create powerful retail experiences

But SHOPLINE is not just a business management tool. The platform also gives merchants the power to create their own fully customizable online store, with a host of ready-to-use, drag-and-drop templates that require little web design knowledge.

Tools such as the Zhuge Creative graphic editor allow retailers to create their own creative assets, even letting fashion or furniture retailers create their own virtual 3D showrooms.

For LuxeGo, a platform that reviews and sells lifestyle products, having the ability to play around with templates for a quick website refresh without any downtime was a big plus.

“Unlike other platforms, SHOPLINE does not have fixed or rigid layouts. We can change the look of our website at any time without it affecting our ads,” says a holder. word of LuxeGo.

On top of that, merchants have a plethora of easily accessible features, including discount codes, point-based membership systems, and affiliate marketing tools.

“Having an omnichannel platform improves the customer experience and provides more shopping channels for customers, whether on mobile, web or in-store, leading to increased sales and traffic. “, says Mr. Qiao.

For example, one of the features that has earned SHOPLINE a significant number of conversions is its social commerce live selling feature. When a merchant is live streaming on Facebook or Instagram, Social Commerce generates a keyword for each advertised product.

All a customer needs to do is simply enter the desired keyword and quantity in the live chat, and the item will automatically be added to their cart. The Social Commerce feature will then send them a link to complete their purchase.

This already comprehensive feature ecosystem is bolstered by an app store that has 100 apps available and counting, thanks to a growing developer base. Whether you’re looking to improve store management, interface design, logistics, marketing, enterprise resource planning, SHOPLINE has you covered.

“The functions are plentiful and the interface is easy to use,” says a Miniso spokesperson. “Many convenient and comprehensive payment methods are also provided.”

The amount of features available at an affordable monthly price is what makes it appealing to small businesses as well.

According to Qiao, the average price to build a bespoke website from scratch hovers around $300,000, well above SHOPLINE’s annual subscription fee of $2,400.

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