Former Sacramento police chief hired as consultant for Vallejo PD

VALLEJO – As Vallejo navigates the resignation of Police Chief Shawny Williams on Friday, officials have turned to former Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn to act as an adviser to City Manager Mike Malone, according to a consulting agreement obtained by the Vallejo Sun.

Hahn will receive up to $100,000 to advise Malone “on critical changes in law enforcement and public safety.” Malone signed the contract on Tuesday, three days before Williams stepped down as chief.

The contract also stated that Hann will “provide leadership coaching and mentoring” to law enforcement personnel, as well as “strategic planning support for the implementation of the OIR’s work plan.” “.

As city manager, Malone has the authority to approve contracts up to $100,000. For anything over that amount, the Vallejo city council would have been required to approve the deal.

Vallejo has used such advisory deals in previous transitions. The city hired former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan in May 2019 after Vallejo Police Chief Andrew Bidou retired. Jordan earned $80,000 to serve as senior adviser on policing issues to then-City Manager Greg Nyhoff.

Hahn retired as police chief of the Sacramento Police Department late last year, four years after becoming the department’s top cop.

Like Williams, Hahn served as his department’s first black police chief.

Hahn’s tenure was fraught with concerns about police shootings. Hahn oversaw the Sacramento police during the March 2018 police killing of Stephon Clark, an unarmed 22-year-old black man gunned down in the backyard of his grandmother’s house.

Hahn has been criticized for the shooting and his handling of the protests that followed the high-profile murder.

Six months after that shooting, Sacramento officers shot and killed 19-year-old Darell Richards, who had mental health issues and was carrying a pellet gun. Police shot and killed him and said officers believed he was pointing a handgun at another officer.

An excessive force lawsuit filed by Richards’ family ended in a mistrial this week.

Hahn is expected to be the point person for Vallejo’s police reform efforts. Seven months after Williams joined the Vallejo police force, an officer fatally shot 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa outside a Vallejo Walgreens. Days after the fatal shooting, the department entered into a three-year agreement with the California Department of Justice to work on a police reform plan “in light of several recent shootings involving VPD officers.”

Vallejo PD has killed 19 people since 2010.

Williams was first hired to help with reform efforts as the department faced numerous scandals, including that some police personnel twisted the tips of their badges into a star shape to mark on-duty shootings.

Former Lt. Michael Kent Tribble, testified in a criminal case in Solano County Superior Court last March that he and another Concord police officer conceived the idea for officers to fold their badges after a shooting. Kent Tribble and his brother Todd Tribble – who would rise to the rank of captain – came to Vallejo Police from Concord in 2003.

Deputy Chief Jason Ta was chosen to serve as interim police chief and becomes the sixth person to serve as acting or permanent police chief for Vallejo since 2012. Ta arrived in the city in September 2021 after being hired by the San Jose Police Department.


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