Financing of the 2022 primary election campaign

BONNERS FERRY — Campaign donations from political action committees, businesses, organizations and individuals correlated with GOP nominations in the May 17 primary election.

Due to Sun Laws that make campaign finances public, contributions and expenditures of all funds are available on the Idaho Secretary of State’s website under the “Election Divisions” tab and under ” Campaign Finance Reports”. Visit for more information.

border county

For the Boundary County Commissioners races, Ben Robertson defeated incumbent Dan Dinning to win the Republican nomination for the Boundary County Commission Area 3 seat, 2,076 votes to 1,059 votes.

In February, Dinning provided a financial report claiming no donations or funding and no dollars spent.

Robertson’s contributors included Hometown Idaho PAC, Falckco LLC, and Boundary County residents. He raised $2,810 from nine donors and spent $2,584. His purchases went to several printing companies, a leather goods maker and suppliers of promotional products. This amounted to $1,527.30.

For the Boundary County Commission Zone 2 seat, Steve Fioravanti defeated incumbent Tim Bertling to win the Republican nomination with 1,603 votes to Bertling’s 1,524.

Tim Bertling received a $50 donation and said he spent no dollars on the campaign trail.

Steve Fioravanti received $7,362 from 14 donors and spent $4,278 on six vendors. His donors included Palou Properties LLC, family members and private contributions.

Expenses included postage, printing, advertising in the form of signs, buttons and production.

Idaho Legislative District 1

Representative of Chamber 1A

For State House Representative from District 1, the A position became open when Heather Scott moved to the new District 2. Mark Sauter received 4,816 votes, or 38.25%, to claim the Republican nomination for the District 1A seat. Spencer Hutchings obtained 4,093 votes, or 32.51%; Adam Rorick obtained 749 votes, or 5.95%; Travis Thompson received 1,929 votes, or 15.32%; and Cynthia P. Weiss received 1,004 votes, or 7.97%.

Mark Sauter received $25,574 in donations from 53 donors. Its donors included BNSF Railway, Idaho Forest Group, Idaho Medical Political Action Committee, Idaho Truck PAC, Idaho Wheat & Barley PAC, Potlatch Deltic, Miec Pac, Icua Pac, Waterfront Property Management, Idaho Power Company, Idaho Power Company, Committee of political action For education and individuals.

Sauter spent $15,813 on 12 vendors. His expenses went to advertising, printing, direct mail, and radio commercials. Among those where he spent money were Blue Sky Broadcasting, Sandpoint Reader, Bonner County Daily Bee, Selkirk Press, a farm and food store, donation and deposit tracking software for the Secretary of State from Idaho.

Spencer Hutchings received $9,995 in donations from 32 donors. His donors included Heather Scott For North Idaho, Rhino PAC, NIFF and individuals. He received a loan of $1,812.40 from Sheepdog Supplies in Sagle.

He spent $9,036 on 11 vendors. Hutchings’ expenses went to an office supply store, North 40 Outfitters, USPS, printing and advertising services, and donation fundraising software.

Adam Rorick received $8,818 in donations from 10 donors. Its donors included Steve Bradshaw and others.

He spent $6,608 on 27 vendors, which include money spent on a flight, hotel, taxi fair, boutique at Boise airport and Spokane International, Bonner County Fair, website, a hardware store, Men’s Warehouse, a data company specializing in political campaigns, campaign buttons and signs, Selkirk Press, an auto parts store, an office supply store, a restaurant, a mall and a cafe in Sandpoint.

He lent himself $5,910.

Travis Thompson received $11,132 from 18 donors. His donors included Sage Dixon, Agra PAC, his own company, a contracting company, Web Hosting Inc., himself and individuals.

Thompson spent $7,947 on 21 vendors. His expenses included a data marketing company, Shutterstock, USPS, restaurants, website, advertisements, custom campaign products, Army Surplus, office supply stores, a bank, and the US Secretary of State. ‘Idaho for the ranking.

Thompson loaned himself $100 and donated $1 to his campaign.

Cynthia P. Weiss received $9,092 in donations from seven donors. Her donors were herself and six other people. She donated $5,090.85 to her own campaign.

Weiss spent $6,771 with 13 vendors. His expenses included advertisements with Bonner County Daily Bee, an office supply store, Dollar Tree and Harland Clark Checks.

Representative of Chamber 1B

For Seat B of the District 1 State House of Representatives, incumbent Sage G. Dixon received 7,049 votes, or 52.28%. He beat challenger Todd Engel, who received 6,435 votes, or 47.72%. There were no Democratic candidates for the seat.

In Boundary County, Dixon received 1,577 votes and Engle received 1,576 votes. Dixon won the GOP nomination by one vote.

Todd Engel received $18,757 in donations from 83 donors. Its donors include McGeachin Idaho Properties Management, nominee Heather Scott, Rhino PAC, North Idaho Freedom Fighters, Spencer Hutchings, Hometown Idaho PAC, David Bowman, Nosworthy’s Hall of Fame, Santilli & Associates, Hometown Idaho PAC, Steve Bradshaw and individuals.

Engel spent $13,875 on 66 vendors, including broadcast, advertising, signs, airport parking, gas, restaurants, groceries, event registration, multiple print shops, a store of official supplies, a store of boxes, buttons and campaign goods and management fees.

Engel donated $100 to himself.

Sage Dixon received $77,625 from 144 donors. Its donors included Kestrel West, Idaho Housing Alliance, Idaho State Independent Auto Dealers Association, Clearwater Paper (of Spokane, Washington), Idaho Loggers Pac, Idaho State Dental Association, Idaho Consumer Owned Utilities Association, Idaho Automotive Dealers Association, Agri PAC, Idaho Forest Group, Idaho Credit Union Legislative Action Committee and individuals.

Dixon spent $74,316 on 79 vendors, including the Boundary County 4-H Leaders Association, gasoline, a donation to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, multiple donations to organizations and nonprofits, design websites, postage, signs, advertising, office supplies, event tickets, gas stations, parking, Bonner County Fair and Rodeo and the Bonner County Daily Bee for advertising.


With all the ballots counted, Scott Herndon won the Republican nomination for the Idaho Senate seat in District 1, defeating incumbent Jim Woodward. Herndon received a total of 7,771 district-wide votes to Woodward’s 6,064.

In Boundary County, Herndon received 1,871 votes to Woodward’s 1,358.

Scott Herndon received $103,617 in donations from 360 donors.

Its donors included Rhino PAC, SMC Properties, LLC, contestant Heather Scott,

Hometown Idaho PAC, B&L Company, Tree Top Ranches LP, Palou Properties LLC, AirSeal Insulation LLC, Big Daddy’s Sweets, Army Surplus, HempingMom, Swabian Holdings LLC, Davillier Law Group, Dave Bowman, Priscilla Giddings, EGO Fishing, Inc., Art Macomber, Web Hosting Inc and individual donors.

He donated $1,900 to his own campaign, Steve Bradshaw, Abolish Abortion PAC.

Herndon spent $65,703 on 37 vendors, including a media and political strategy consulting firm, print ads, broadcast ads, digital ads, Facebook ads, signs, l printing, marketing, banking, event registrations, postage, donations, food. , catering, convenience store, data business and gasoline for travel.

Jim Woodward received $97,719 from 199 donors. Its donors included:

BNSF Railway, Quantum Concepts, Idaho Cable Broadband Ass’n, Idaho Power, Education Political Action Committee, Icua Pac, Anheuser Busch, Clearwater Paper (Spokane, Washington), Idaho Dental Pac, Idaho Loggers, JR Simplot Company , Idaho Dairy Industries, Haagenson Enterprises Inc., Avista, Far West Agribusiness Association, R Steven Bair for Senate, Healthcare Business Ventures Inc., Suppiger for Idaho, Iha Pac, Potlatch Deltic (Spokane, Washington), Mary Souza for Idaho, North Idaho Builders Pac, Snake River Sugarbeet Growers Pac, Melaleuca Inc., Clark Kauffman For House 25, Riley Stegner And Associates, Miec Pac, Idaho Truck Pac, Idaho Forest Group, Idaho Wheat And Barley Pac, Agra-Pac , Pacificorp Pacific Power Rocky Mountain Power (OR), Feapac, Uhfg Insurance Political Action Committee, Idaho Medical Political Action Committee, Anripac, Idaho Bankers Assoc, Idaho Committee On Hospitality & Sports, Idaho Victory Fund, Idaho Association Of Realtors, Idaho Land Title ass oc, Micron Technology, Northwest Grocery Association Pac, Ibwda Pac, Idaho Telecom Alliance, At&T Services, Inc., Syringa Networks Llc, Esto Perpetua Pac, Blue Cross Of Idaho, Amalgamated Sugar Company Pac, Acec Of Idaho, Coeur d’Alene Tribe and a list of individuals from Idaho and other states.

Woodward spent $65,675 with 24 vendors. Its expenses included advertising, printing, signs and buttons, payment processing software, PAC contributions, donations, operations and event registration.

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