Fans aren’t happy that Gran Turismo 7 needs an internet connection to play solo

There are still many who don’t have internet, and they won’t be able to enjoy Gran Turismo 7.

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In a not-so-surprising but above all disappointing revelation, we learned that Gran Turismo 7 will require an internet connection at all times, including when playing the single-player campaign. This means that if server maintenance is performed while you are running a campaign, your progress cannot be saved and will be lost. While this doesn’t happen often, it can be devastating when it does. Also, it should be noted that not everyone has internet access, so those who do not will not be able to enjoy the game at all.

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Naturally, players are not happy with this discovery. Even those who have the Internet are express their complaints. Reddit user Olav_Grey explains, “A friend of mine, grew up as a farmer, only got fast a few months ago, he was about a mile down the road to log on for over 5 years. There are still tons of towns / villages ect. who DO NOT have reliable internet access. And that doesn’t even mention the fact that it’s a single player-focused game (unlike Sport), so it’s crazy that it only requires online. Another Reddit user, Chefffffy_boiz, adds, “Also, if your ISP is down, you’re out of the game for the time the internet is down. It’s very crazy to think that a single player part of the game requires the Internet. ”


The president of Polyphony Digital, the developer of Gran Turismo 7, explains that the reason for the constant online connection required is “to prevent the global cheating of people trying to modify the save data,” according to one. interview published by Eurogamer. Kazunori Yamauchi adds: “The only part of the game that does not require an online connection is the arcade mode, as it has no effect on the save data.”

Despite the explanation, it seems people generally agree that this tactic is not worth the potential benefits.

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