Edmonton-based digital agency is a pioneer in green website design and development

Ehmulation considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) values ​​when designing and developing websites

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, Feb. 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ehmulation, a Canadian web design and development agency, takes the environment into account by ensuring its clients’ websites take into account their impact on the environment.

“As the world transforms into web3 and the metaverse, we want to be pioneers in designing and developing green websites through environmental, social and governance (ESG) values,” said Kleber Ofume, the operator from Edmonton-based agency Ehmulation. An example of this commitment, he said, is when Ehmulation uses recycled footage and images on the websites it develops.

The internet is responsible for over a billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year, roughly the same as all of the world’s air traffic. Ehmulation is doing something to change that, Ofume said.

Building on over 18 years of digital experience. Ehmulation offers a full range of services, including:

• Web development
• Application development
• E-commerce solutions
• Digital marketing
• UI/UX design
• Graphic design
• Content development

Turns out, green web development is good business, Ofume said. Ehmulation’s portfolio includes an international list of clients, ranging from logistics companies to fashion brands.

“There was a bit of back and forth when we laid the groundwork for Ehmulation,” recalls Ofume. “In our previous experience working at other companies, ESG tended towards a value-added proposition, a feature that could be added at any point in the production process. We founded Ehmulation to see what would happen when we released the ‘ESG of the marketing sphere and would use it to inform every aspect of our work.We are delighted that our instincts turned out to be so right.

Ehmulation specializes in helping businesses, organizations, and entities uncover untapped opportunities for user-centric revenue generation and the use of servers running on intermittent power. She balances this focus on results with a commitment to sustainability, supporting the best interests of her clients by honoring their ESG values ​​in ways that attract web traffic and turn visitors into customers. From color selection to Ehmulation’s intense attention to brevity and efficiency in their code, green principles guide everything they do.

“We believe in using unorthodox UI/UX/UR approaches to create enduring web solutions for brands and entities that leave a lasting and uncanny impression in the eyes of their audience while advancing their best interests” , Ofume said.

As part of its commitment to sustainable environmental practices, Ofume said, Ehmulation seeks to join the EU 2020 taxonomic classification system of environmentally sustainable economic activities. For Ehmulation, this means using servers that run on intermittent power rather than basic carbon-emitting power and continuing to advocate for transitions to green/neutral web hosting providers running on intermittent power.

Operator Kleber Ofume built Ehmulation in part to answer a question that had haunted it for years: can a digital agency build a successful business model on ESG principles?

It was the COVID-19 pandemic that prompted Ofume to create Ehmulation. “When lockdowns slowed air and road traffic, the world saw how quickly the environment can recover when we give it a chance,” Ofume said. “That’s when we knew the time was right to launch a digital agency based on a green ethic.”

To learn how Ehmulation helps clients create green and profitable web presences that reflect the highest ESG standards, visit ehmulation.com or contact [email protected]

About Ehmulation

Ehmulation is a full-service digital agency serving a global clientele from its headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded on the principle that environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are an important driver of long-term profitability, Ehmulation offers UI/UX design, bespoke website engineering, WordPress and Shopify development and solutions. MERN stack for rapid and scalable deployment of cutting-edge web applications. At every step, Ehmulation helps clients reduce the carbon footprint of their web presences and document their commitment to good environmental, social, corporate governance and fair social policies, helping to advance the cause of development. Green web while ensuring greater market share and revenue generation.

Kleber Ofume
+1 (780) 888-7599
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