Develop Consulting launches the online training company click2 learn

Consulting firm Midlands Develop Consulting has invested in a new online training company. Called click2 learn, the organization will offer a 24/7 digital learning site, teaching individuals and members of SMEs continuous improvement skills.

A method that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance, Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that helps companies systematically eliminate waste, while improving consistency of delivery. According to Steve Boam, CEO of Develop Consulting, Lean principles will be at the heart of the consulting firm’s new e-learning line.

“As a consultancy, we work with amazing brands to help them improve their organizations, streamline processes and introduce efficiency using Lean methodology,” Boam explained. “Within these organizations, we also support and coach amazing people who want to learn and grow, grow their teams, and foster a culture of continuous learning.”

The last two years of the pandemic have seen a significant increase in the use of e-learning services, as well as working from home. Building on this, click2 learn differentiates itself from other digital training offering e-learning modules, delivered by leading industry experts on Lean methodology and continuous improvement – ​​which its creators consider a world first – and, secondly, delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Boam noted that although there has been a boom in e-learning recently, with “lots of online content”, it was “mostly non-interactive and not very convenient for the learner”. Develop then invested in click2 learn and supported its managing director Dan Briscoe, helping him and his team to create interactive content, a user-friendly platform and an “anytime, anytime” delivery experience. anywhere and on any device.

Based in Manchester, Briscoe draws on 20 years of experience as a Lean and Six Sigma consultant, and has used this to create the training material, whilst also being supported by other industry experts. of Develop Consulting. This has allowed click2 learn to produce courses which it claims are “as close as possible to having a consultant in the room”, and include real-world scenarios and practical assignments for the learner to complete.

Speaking at the launch of click2 learn as part of the Develop Consulting group, Briscoe said: “I am delighted to be opening this new venture with Develop Consulting…Throughout my consulting career, I have trained hundreds of people with continuous improvement tools and techniques, which helped me understand how to make the subject engaging and useful for the learner, while making it more accessible to individuals and small businesses.”

Develop is a specialist improvement consultancy known for providing targeted support to the construction, manufacturing and healthcare sectors across the UK. It has bases in Coventry and Derby. Briscoe added that Develop offers “fantastic on-site support” to customers, and that expertise has helped capture the “essence” of consultancy know-how in our online offering, helping small businesses and individuals apply their skills “quickly to real situations”.

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