‘Danger!’ Fans Can’t Get Over Major Changes Made to Ken Jennings’ Return as Host

Danger! is officially back. But the new episodes have already turned out to be slightly different, thanks to some significant changes that have been made.

On Monday night, the quiz returned with the highly anticipated Season 39 premiere. After the last episode ended in late July, people were thrilled to welcome back Danger! Legend Ken Jennings and The Big Bang Theory actress Maim Bialik as official hosts. But before either TV personality took to the podium, viewers watching from home immediately took note of several differences in the introduction.

Apart from Danger! champion Amy Schneider being added to the quiz show’s carousel of memorable moments, the camera also caught the cheers of the live audience. Additionally, Ken was featured as the host of Danger! for the first time since he started the role in January 2021.

“I am so honored to be featured as the host of Danger!said Ken on the show. “But I’m even more excited to be here with you to start a new season with our Emmy winner Danger! staff and crew, with audiences back in the studio for the first time in two and a half years.

Responding to his heartfelt message, Danger! fans immediately began celebrating the historic moment online. “So great to hear Ken announced as ‘Jeopardy host!’ instead of ‘hosting Jeopardy!’ Season 38 was a breakout season. Can’t wait to see what the class in season 39 will be like,” one person wrote in the comments section of a Danger! Instagram post, referencing Ken’s promotion from guest host to official host. “LOVE KEN AND LOVE JEOPARDY ❤️❤️❤️,” added another. “My prayers have been answered!!!! YAY 👏👏👏,” another fan posted.

Still, there were others who admitted to feeling conflicted seeing Ken instead of Mayim standing at the lectern. “Congratulations Ken but I will miss Mayim 👏,” one follower commented. “Is Ken THE NEW HOST?” No, Mayim? another asked.

Fortunately, Mayim won’t be gone for too long. Ken will direct Danger! matches until December. Then, in the new year, Mayim will return to host duties for a while. That said, Mayim will return to television very soon as the solo host of the new spin-off. Celebrity danger! start later in September. While this airs, she will complete a new season of her Fox sitcom call me kat.

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