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I do not understand why lobbying and “political consultation” is a legal and acceptable practice.
It’s just whitewashed, political corruption.

These entities have no ethics. Not even an ethics on political paper for the show.

The industry’s goal is to distort, pervert and corrupt our government to the detriment of the interests of its constituents.

The whole purpose of his “service” is to deny or abuse the consent of the governed.

What has only made matters worse is now that our government is hiring the same “family of consultants” to lobby and consult directly.

How Much Money Did the City of Portland Spend on Lobbying?

Why do these so-called grassroots community action groups need lobbyists?

Why do we allow a small number of lawyers and political professionals to hijack our government to enrich themselves and improve their own social status?

Clearly their goal is to perpetuate and monetize conflict rather than resolve or move the dial on anything.

Why do otherwise ethical journalists empower these characters rather than give voice to everyday Portlanders?

maybe we will find out sooner or later

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