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Nick Davis Sr. is a Digital Media Specialist associated with the position of Treasurer of the Black Student Organization (BSO), Member of Alpha Phi Omega and Member of the University Council. Davis’ journey has been full of twists and turns, but with his’ A Dream to Reach ‘business, he is able to get a head start on his future.

“I want to develop this business called ‘A Dream To Obtain’. Basically a quick summary of the business is that we help people make their dreams come true. We get to know people personally, we make video calls with them, and then we allocate resources and put them in touch with certain people, mentors and try to make them money, ”Davis said.

Davis is very passionate about the business he was able to create. With this he wants to help everyone who wants to start their dream.

“First of all, I would like them to submit a form on our ‘Dream To Obtain’ website. You know how I said “Dream To Obtain helps people achieve their dreams? “, On the home page of the website, it says” Submit your dream “. People can say their name, their age and dream. We get in touch with them and guide them accordingly, ”said Davis.

In addition to figuring out how to grow his business, he decided to set some personal goals for his graduation.

“I want to develop my design skills and stature to a point where different companies and different people would like to hire me or invite me to make a big change in their business, visually or in terms of design. I think it’s pretty cool. Basically a creative director, if you will, ”Davis said.

Throughout his childhood he was always surrounded by creativity, although at first he did not spend much time drawing.

“I never really had the patience to sit down and go over all the little details in the design. I always liked sketching and drawing little things, sometimes I drew abstract things. Sometimes I like to draw dragons for some reason stuff like that. Other than that, my dad loves to draw … My cousin loves to draw. In general, a lot of people in my family have creative minds. They created certain things; my aunt made baskets for the holidays and all that. She did different jobs, she made jewelry. All of these things played a role in growing my creative juice, ”Davis said.

Growing up in the creative environment he was a part of, he was able to use his creative juice in his own way.

“I used to customize clothes in high school. I tore clothes I bought from thrift stores and dyed them with bleach. It was then that the creativity began. I had a graphic design class, but I didn’t really like the teacher. I learned some tricks; I learned the layout, how to make a poster and stuff like that. This is my preliminary introduction to design, ”said Davis.

Davis started at Valpo with a major that wasn’t for him, but then was able to find his true calling and doesn’t regret any of the changes he made.

“I was originally in the College of Engineering,” Davis said. “After a while, I realized it wasn’t for me. I don’t know what it was or what triggered it, but I went back to design. I tried it and I was like ‘Okay I’m going [going to] do that. I will continue to do so. I wanted a wider range of things because of my aspiration as a creative director.

After getting down to the path he wanted, he wanted to start cultivating something of his own.

“I got some free software from the internet, then tried to make a logo. Then someone wanted me to do a book cover and it was okay. I seemed to be a natural for it. I’m a quick learner so I looked for videos on how to do it and it all fell into place quite easily, ”said Davis. “I like doing it, I became passionate about it. It’s quite a process to do it. Sometimes you don’t get it the first time, but then you keep trying and then you have a sense of accomplishment. This is what brought me here and led me to start a business.

Thanks to Davis’ decision making and choices, he said he can always count on Valpo for support.

“Valpo has been very supportive of what I do. Lots of examples ranging from people I meet, to professors, to discretionary funds. Last year I wanted to make about 200 masks and distribute them to people. I applied and Valpo gave me all the money to pursue this. Laura Krepp was my web design teacher, she certainly helped some. She tried to put me in touch with a design industry for an internship. I ended up not being in the industry, I went with a guy who was a designer for many years and had a store that made clothes and stuff, ”Davis said.

Davis has received a lot of support in his business as well as in his academic career. Whether it’s people who bought items from him or people he worked with.

“My partner pushed me to do more design and pushed me to the next level. They always told me that I was really good and that I had talent, ”said Davis.

Davis has a few tips for anyone afraid of starting their own business.

“One, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Make sure to research at least a few and make sure you enjoy it, whether it’s for free or for real money. After that just start. It’s a bit of a cliché to say ‘get started’ but it’s a real thing. You just have to start doing it, ”Davis said. “The first steps for most businesses will be trial and error. It will be about learning and seeing what works and what doesn’t, while improving your processes. Everyone’s business is different, so when you have this period of trial and error, you can hone your processes.

If you’d like to keep up to date with the development of Davis’ business: @ dream2obtain on Instagram. If you want to visit their website, type: He designs logos, posters, graphics and clothing. It also edits photos, dashes into video and does audio editing.

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