Artist gives famous logos a stunning neon makeover

It’s no secret that we love a well-designed logo here at Creative Bloq, and these amazing reimagined designs are no exception. Sporting a chrome effect, these are the world’s most famous logos like you’ve never seen them before.

An artist has redesigned the logos of a number of famous brands, from Apple to NASA to McDonald’s and Twitter. The designs have undergone a very modern chrome styling makeover that transforms the original logos into a sleek 3D design. The new logos now sport a range of psychedelic colors, making them incredibly eye-catching and fun. If you’re in the mood for your own logo design, be sure to check out our 15 Golden Rules of Logo Design.

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A chrome effect overhaul of the McDonald's logo.

We love it! (Image credit: Martin Naumann / Mcdonalds)
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A chrome effect redesign of the Adobe Creative Cloud logo.

We love the colors of it. (Image credit: Martin Naumann / Adobe Creative Cloud)
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A chrome effect overhaul of the Apple logo.

You can imagine Apple using that! (Image credit: Martin Naumann / Apple)
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A chrome effect overhaul of the Netflix logo.

Netflix’s redesign is a rich, deep red. (Image credit: Martin Naumann / Netflix)
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A chrome effect overhaul of the Atari logo.

Good old Atari! (Image credit: Martin Naumann / Atari)
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A chrome effect overhaul of the Coca Cola logo.

We think this style really suits the Coca-Cola logo. (Image credit: Martin Naumann / Coca Cola)
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A chrome effect redesign of the Vogue logo.

The colors of Vogue’s redesign give us Disney Villain vibes. (Image credit: Martin Naumann / Vogue)

The project started as a challenge for the artist Martin Naumann to redesign 36 famous logos but has since transgressed into a 100 logo project due to the popularity of online designs. Naumann said on his Behance project page: “I tried to create my own take on the individual logotypes – inspired, but mostly deviating from the brand’s guidelines.”

The artist goes on to describe the style of the redesign as an “exaggerated form of neumorphism, characterized by its holographic chrome textures”. If you are wondering what neumorphism is, check out our article.

With over 20,000 followers on Instagram, Naumann has built a large fan base and his posts receive many comments. A user commented on the Instagram post of F1 overhaul, “Love the holographic feel of this!” and another commented on Naumann’s proposal Adobe redesign, “Dude, I drooled your art and I love it!”

On Twitter, an user asked, “How come I want to lick them?” And while we don’t feel like grabbing a bite to eat, we really think these revamps are super cool. The color schemes and the chrome effect are incredibly satisfying. Maybe the big brands should change their logos for these designs instead of that hilarious TikTokker rebranding sweeping the web.

If you’re hoping to design your own logos, be sure to read our guide to logo typography, or why not check out our roundup of the most memorable logos for inspiration?

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