Amazon’s AWS suffers its third outage this month

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Amazon Web Services (AWS), the web hosting service that powers, well almost everything online has suffered its third outage this month on wednesday morning, bringing with it giant pieces of the Web. Services like Coinbase, Soft, and the Epic Games Store have all received user reports since about 7 a.m. ET, according to Drop detector, which records user reports on outages.

According to AWS Status Page, these issues could be related to a single data center in West Virginia that lost power in the wee hours of the morning. The company has confirmed that one of its data centers in the “Single Availability Zone” lost power at 7:01 am. this morning, although he says the problem appears to be resolved about half an hour later.

That said, don’t be surprised if your service of choice has not yet returned to 100%. “As all services begin to benefit from significant recovery, services that hosted endpoints within the affected data center, such as Single AZ RDS databases, ElastiCache, etc., would have had a impact during the event, but are starting to see recovery now, ”the page read. And considering how the DownDetector reports were still coming in a little after 9 a.m. ET, the recovery appears to be underway at the time of publication.

It’s unclear why AWS has had the hiccups multiple times this month. Two weeks ago the service suffered a major failure who did away with everything from dating apps to streaming services and even hit Amazon’s own logistics networks offline for a short time. Then, in the middle of this month, AWS suffered another one breakdown, this time due to an unnamed “Internet connectivity” issue.

Although AWS has revealed that a loss of power was the culprit, it’s still a frustrating reminder of what can happen when a single company controls a massive amount of our technology infrastructure.

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