Alphabet broadcasts 700TB of wireless fiber internet with lasers

Alphabet has been leading projects offering next-generation internet services for many years now, with its latest Taara project projecting 700TB of data across the Congo River in a truly new way.


Project Taara is a new technology that delivers fiber-optic cable-like speeds, without cables – with Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) technology developed for Alphabet’s Loon project, in its new Taara project. Where Project Loon used stratospheric helium balloons to blow up wireless internet for everyone, Project Taara uses wireless optical link technology to connect services across the Congo River.

Alphabet has its own moonshot lab called X where it shoots well for the moon with projects like this. The FSOC is capable of pumping a 20 Gbps + link between two points if it has a clear line of sight. It works by using light to transmit data at high speed between two points. 20 Gbps + is offered using only light to transmit information at blazingly fast speeds through the air, in the form of a very narrow and invisible beam.

Alphabet has now announced that it has connected its Project Taara connection on the Congo River, from Brazzavilla in the Republic of Congo and Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The team connected the Taara project connection and transmitted nearly 700TB of data, increasing the fiber connections used by local telecommunications partner Econet and its subsidiaries. Alphabet noted that using its wireless optical communication technology is much better suited in a place like Africa, compared to San Francisco, as the California city can be very foggy and bog down a line-of-sight internet connection.

Alphabet also notes that the reason its Taara Project Line-of-sight connection is a better idea than traditional fiber optic connections is that in places like Africa and India there are many remote areas that have towns a few kilometers from each. other – and using a physical fiber optic cable is very expensive.

Alphabet broadcasts 700TB of wireless fiber-type Internet with lasers 06 |

Especially when this fiber optic cable is not only the same distance of 2-5 km as the distance between the two points, because the physical cable is hundreds of kilometers long, when it goes around a river for example – rather than simply having the connection exploded between two points more River.

A single link can cover distances of up to 20 km and it can also be used to extend fiber networks, delivering high speeds of up to 20 Gbps. Long-range line-of-sight data transmissions can reach speeds of up to 20 Gbps, but there is also high speed supported if the distances are shorter, with a bandwidth of 10 to 100 Gbps. s.

You can read more about Alphabet Taara’s exciting new project here.

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