A man buys food for an elderly couple who are stealing for the first time; internet impressed

Internet is an interesting place for everyone. Every day we come across different types of informative, interesting and heartwarming content. Then there’s the content that’s taking the internet by storm, grabbing all of our attention. Recently, we came across one such piece of news that not only melted our hearts, but also charged us with positivity. It was a story about how a man helped an elderly couple catch their first flight and made it memorable for them. The person, named Amitabh Shah, took to LinkedIn to share the incident.

According to the message, Shah was traveling from Delhi to Kanpur, when he came across an old couple waiting in the boarding area clueless. From their very expression, the man could tell that “it’s their first time and they don’t understand English”. So Shah helped them board the flight and found that “they were sitting right in front of me”.

The message further read: “When the flight attendant came to serve food they refused. But they clearly looked hungry and thirsty for hours.” Seeing this, Shah approached the flight attendant and asked her to give the couple “paneer sandwiches and juice” and “tell them it was free because they were lucky customers to win a prize.” free meal”. He also added that he secretly paid for the meal.

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The news quickly made the rounds on the Internet, attracting the attention of several people. Some re-shared the post, while others took to the comments section to appreciate Shah’s kind gesture.

One comment read: “Although you may have paid a few hundred rupees for the refreshment, the act itself is priceless and goes a long way in proving every day that kindness prevails all around us. We we just have to intend to contribute in our own way.” Another person wrote: “Absolutely brilliant gesture. Proud of you, young man! This action by the young Indian generation will carry our culture of respect for elders very high.

What do you think of this act of kindness? Share it with us in the comments below.

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